Galaxy Z Flip 5 should even run Google Maps on the external screen

A few days ago, news already pointed out that Samsung would be working with Google so that some applications were optimized for the external screen of the Galaxy Z Flip 5. Now, a new rumor reinforces this possibility by specifically mentioning the Google Maps application.

Not many details about this collaboration have yet been released, but the idea would be for the user to be able to obtain locations and routes without opening the smartphone — something especially useful in unknown places where the level of crime is not known, and carrying a large cell phone in hand can draw unwanted attention.

It is also not possible to say whether the application will have all its functions enabled on the external screen, as is the case with the Razr 40 Ultra. The Motorola device has already shown some compatibility problems with apps, which sometimes have commands blocked by the set of cameras.

Therefore, adaptations for Samsung will also need to take into account the screen format, especially in the lower part, which should bring a small “gap” in the central section.

In addition to Google Maps, other company applications must be modified for the external screen, such as YouTube and Messages, for example. Naturally, Samsung’s own OneUI interface applications will also gain specific versions for the new display.

According to the latest information, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 should have a new external screen of 3.4 inches, with a resolution of 720 x 748 pixels. For comparison, the previous model features a much smaller and simpler panel, with 1.9 inches and 512 x 260 pixels.

In addition to structural improvements, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is yet to be updated with a new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy series processor. New components could also appear on the camera array, as well as the folding mechanism structure, which should reduce creasing, increase durability and ensure IP58 resistance against water and dust damage.

A specific date for the launch of the new foldable cell phone has not yet been announced, but Samsung has already stated that it will hold the next Unpacked event at the end of July – possibly on the 26th, according to the most recent rumors. In addition to the Galaxy Z Flip 5, the conference may feature the Galaxy Z Fold 5 model, Galaxy Tab S9 tablets, Galaxy Watch 6 watches and more.

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