Galaxy Watch 4: Samsung shows secret weapon before the unpacked event


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Samsung presented the processor of the smartwatch a day before the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4. The SoC bears the name Exynos W920 and benefits from advanced 5-nanometer manufacturing. Compared to the processor of the Galaxy Watch 3, there should be a decent performance boost

  • Samsung introduces the SoC of the Galaxy Watch 4
  • This is called Exynos W920 and is manufactured in 5 nm
  • CPU performance increased by 20 percent and graphics performance 10x better than its predecessor

Apparently, it is a new tradition at Samsung to present the SoC of new hardware one day in advance. As with the Exynos 2100, which was used in the devices of the Galaxy S21 series, Samsung presented the heart of the Galaxy Watch 4 shortly before the launch. Samsung’s new wearable secret weapon is called Exynos W920.


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What stands out for a wearable SoC is that Samsung manufactures the processor cores using the 5-nanometer process. This means that the smartwatch is on par with current top smartphones. In effect, this should bring a performance boost to the CPU by 20 percent and even 10 times better graphics performance than the Galaxy Watch 3.

Optimized for various smartphone features

The Exynos W920 uses two ARM Cortex A55 processing cores and a Mali G68 CPU as a wearable SoC. This should support displays with up to QHD resolution, i.e. 940 x 540 pixels for wearables. For the new Galaxy Watch, however, resolutions of 450 x 450 pixels have only been speculated so far. What is also exciting about the display is that Samsung has further optimized the processor for the use of an always-on display. Because here the chip uses an additional energy-saving processor, a Cortex-M55.

Samsung Exynos W920
Always have the boring press photos: smartphone processors! / © Samsung

In addition, the SoC offers a 4G LTE Cat.4 modem and supports the Global Navigation Satellite System L1. Samsung also once again addresses the importance of the new platform that the manufacturer developed together with Google. A few weeks ago, Samsung held a presentation on the new One UI Watch.

The Galaxy Watch 4 and the sister model Galaxy Watch 4 Classic will most likely be presented by Samsung at the Galaxy Unpacked event on August 11th. So stay a little patient until then and enjoy our collection page for the Galaxy Watch 4, on which we summarize all the rumors.

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