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Galaxy Watch 4 loves Android: Samsung strongly rejects iPhone users

Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Support Android

Samsung has presented the Galaxy Watch 4 and the Watch 4 Classic to the world. But while the smartwatch convinces with functions such as snore detection and a bioimpedance sensor, a limitation in the presentation fell almost at the back: Because Samsung is giving all iPhone users a blatant rejection with the release of the Galaxy Watch 4 including the new operating system.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 was the secret star at yesterday’s product presentation by the Koreans. The watch offers a number of functions that would certainly also be of interest to die-hard Apple fans: blood pressure measurement, a bioimpedance sensor for analyzing body composition, snore detection, and many different training detections offer more features than the Apple Watch at first glance. All functions of the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 can be found in our hands-on. But Apple users of all people could go away empty-handed.

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One can state that Samsung has successfully switched from Tizen to Wear OS 3. Since this product generation, the in-house Tizen is no longer running under the hood of the Galaxy Watch 4, but an operating system that is developed together with Fitbit / Google. Nevertheless, Samsung puts its own user interface over it in order to give the watch its very own Samsung look.


Galaxy Watch 4: Samsung shows secret weapon before the unpacked event

Samsung only wants to support Android with Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has now told the US tech magazine Arstechnica that its watches only want to support Android – and therefore not iOS. The watch will not connect to Apple devices. According to Arstechnica, this is not planned in the future either.

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By the way: Samsung customers will not all benefit from the new functions either. For example, blood pressure measurement still does not work in the USA and some countries will also have to do without the ECG function. Apparently, there are still legal hurdles to be able to use these functions.

What do you think of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4? Is it something for you? Or are you even waiting for the new Apple Watch, which will probably also be presented soon?

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