Galaxy S24 Ultra may gain longer-range zoom camera


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The Galaxy S23 Ultra features two cameras aimed at zooming content, and Samsung may implement changes to one of them for the S24 Ultra. According to the GalaxyClub portal, the device would have its 3x lens replaced by one with a 5x optical approach.

However, the device is expected to maintain its most advanced zoom in the other set, which already offers 10x approximation and should remain the same. With the use of digital artifacts, the device can reach 100x zoom or more.

Previous rumors indicated that Samsung would intend to implement a camera with continuous zoom in its new high-end device, to eliminate the need for two telephoto lenses. However, this planning is likely to be left for the more distant future, in future generations of the Galaxy S series.

So far, details have not been confirmed regarding the sensors of this new camera. However, previous information has already indicated that it should maintain a main component of 200 MP, probably with an ISOCELL HP2 sensor.

Other information related to the Galaxy S24 Ultra points out that the device should bring a new version with the return of the brand’s own processors. The model with Exynos 2300 would have an AMD GPU with up to four times more graphics performance, in addition to bringing support for ray-tracing.

In addition, the Galaxy S24 line should still gain variants with more RAM for the standard model. Currently, the S23 is only offered in versions with 8 GB, while the Ultra reaches 12 GB.

If Samsung maintains its traditional schedule, the Galaxy S24 line should only be presented at the beginning of next year. Until then, the devices should gain several extra details through leaks and official teasers.

Source: GalaxyClub