Galaxy S22: where to find the best protective case?

It is now tradition: Samsung formalized its new range of premium smartphones at the beginning of the year. The Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra illustrate all the know-how of the premium brand in telephony. Of course, these devices are worth their weight in gold: it is therefore necessary to know how to take care of them to amortize their cost over time.


On such a beautiful AMOLED screen as the one on the Samsung Galaxy S22, you have to put a protective film. Those of poor quality will peel off quickly and they will darken the screen considerably. By opting for a RhinoShield product, you will have a very thin, clear and effective film, and above all that does not peel off. It will quickly be forgotten, allowing you to forget the risk of scratching.

Best case for a Galaxy S22
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Best case for a Galaxy S22

RhinoShield is the preferred choice for a majority of premium smartphone customers. It offers the right compromise between robustness, aesthetics and price. Direct brands like Apple or Samsung also have protective accessories but they are still very expensive. In the end, the best shell is to be found with experts in the field.


If you are looking for the best Galaxy S22 case, RhinoShield is a good choice. We find at his side actors like Spigen, ESR or Urban Armor Gear. The latter mainly use Amazon to sell their copies. Attention, all these brands are not equal, it is necessary to remain very vigilant. Indeed, if you only look at the price, it is sometimes at the expense of quality.

To help you find the best Galaxy S22 case, we’ve made a short list of popular references below. There is something for everyone: transparent or colored shell, flexible or rigid, shell with a kickstand, leather, etc. If you fall for the gadget, there is a risk of the Galaxy S22 case not being sturdy enough to protect the product.


List of the best cases for a Galaxy S22:

  • Personalized SolidSuit RhinoShield case for €29.99
  • Transparent Spigen case at 12.99€
  • ESR shell with kickstand at €14.99
  • Urban Armor Military Case at €34.99
  • Leather wallet case for €30.99

If you look at the official Samsung website, you can also find cases for Galaxy S22 there. Only, they are not necessarily the best and they are also relatively expensive. It takes between 30 and 100 euros to obtain such an accessory. Once again, it is better to choose a hull expert than to go with a manufacturer’s hull.

Protective films for S22

Screen protection

Once you have chosen the best cover for your Galaxy S22, you will have to take the next step. We advise you to use protective films so as not to damage the screen of the smartphone, nor the small photo modules located at the back. Indeed, all it takes is a scratch on one of these parts for the experience to no longer be the same.


If the size differs between the three models of Galaxy S22, the screen is the same: it is an AMOLED panel with the latest Gorilla Glass Victus + from Corning. Renowned for its strength, this glass is not infallible. It is for this reason that it is absolutely necessary to add a layer of protection on top. By opting for a protective film, you buy peace of mind.

Screen protector for Galaxy S22:

  • 1 RhinoShield protective glass at €24.99
  • 2 Spigen protective glasses that cover the screen at € 10.99
  • 3 protective lenses + rear protection at €9.99

What is important for a protective glass is that it is sufficiently clear (not to penalize the brightness of the screen), that it is effective in protection, that it is soft and that it does not peel off. Basically, he must be completely forgotten. It’s almost as important as a Galaxy S22 case. Note that some prefer a protective film on the back rather than a shell: this is a real risk because the film does not absorb shocks.

Protection of photo modules

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 are among the best cameraphones on the market. Special mention for the S22 Ultra which comes with a much more attractive photo offer than the others. At present, it is the best camera for a smartphone. If you scratch one of the photo modules on the back, it will no longer be possible to take good shots.

To protect your Galaxy S22, you will therefore have to take precautions. On the same principle as the best covers or films for the screen, here is a list with some protective films for the photo sensors. These are small stickers which are placed on the sensor and which in no way affect the quality of the photo.

  • 2 glasses that cover the 3 modules at €8.89
  • 3 stickers that cover each module at €14.99

Conclusion: protect your Galaxy S22

Between 800 and 1300 euros, the new Samsung Galaxy S22 are real luxury electronic objects. Beyond the protective accessories, our first advice is to take maximum care of the smartphone. If you don’t pay attention to the product itself, it will eventually go bad one way or another. To last a few years with these Samsung devices, you have to play it safe.

The best case for Galaxy S22 will be essential to ensure it a longer life. This can be totally personalized if you go to a RhinoShield for example. That said, there are also other brands, sometimes cheaper, that offer successful designs. The shell is the most important accessory to take care of your phone.

That said, you can never be too vigilant and protective films (screen and photo modules) are also important. These allow you to always keep the best user experience. For comparison, a cover for Galaxy S22 will above all be able to absorb shocks so as not to move the elements in the case.

Otherwise, you can also go for Samsung Care+ protection to have a warranty on the hardware. That said, it takes 149 euros over two years for this insurance. If you keep your Galaxy S22 for the long term, the price can quickly climb. We already recommend that you go on these few euros of protection with the hull for example, it will already be of good use.

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