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Galaxy S22 release date shifted by Samsung, which lacks components

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The Galaxy S21 FE was months late, the Galaxy S22 release will be a few weeks late.

We reported to you a few weeks ago that the Samsung Galaxy S22 would be released on February 18, 2022, a few weeks behind the initial schedule. It seems that the manufacturer has further postponed its launch forecasts.

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No chips, no smartphones

According to the knowledgeable Jon Prosser, Samsung suffers from ” significant problems in its supply chain », The shortage of components and in particular of semiconductors still not managing to be absorbed.


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The opening of pre-orders should finally take place on February 9, 2022, for marketing on February 25, 2022, a week later than the previous target set by the brand. Recall that Samsung had already made a concession, initially wishing to release the smartphone earlier than that.

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The Galaxy S22 would therefore be available only a few days before the start of MWC 2022, which takes place from February 28 to March 3, unless canceled. The Galaxy S21 FE is expected to land on January 11 following an announcement for January 3.

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Brighter screens

Much of the spec sheet for Galaxy S22 series smartphones is already known, but SamMobile brings us a new precision, this time concerning the brightness of the screens.

The Galaxy S22 + and Galaxy S22 Ultra would both boast a typical brightness level of 1,200 nits, and a peak brightness of 1,750 nits, an impressive feature for a smartphone. By comparison, the S21 + is “happy” with 1300 nits and the S21 Ultra with 1500 nits at most. The Galaxy S22 would display the same specs as the S21 in this area, namely 1,000 nits typical and 1,300 nits peak.


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Remember that these are theoretical values ​​never reached in reality. Typical brightness is that which can be achieved by manual adjustment, while peaks in brightness are managed automatically by the device. And on AMOLED screens, used by Samsung, the peaks in brightness concern specific areas of the panel and not the screen as a whole.

What do you think about the Galaxy S22 release ? Let us know in the comments.

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, SamMobile

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