Galaxy S21 FE launch: will Samsung be ahead of Google and Apple?

Galaxy S21 FE release date

With the Galaxy S21 FE, Samsung would have to bring another flagship smartphone onto the market in 2021. Rumor has it that the Galaxy S21 FE launch will take place in a few days, on September 7th. Is Samsung ahead of Google and Apple, who are currently fighting for the earliest presentation of their new smartphones?

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  • According to rumors, Samsung will introduce the S21 FE on September 7th
  • Information comes from Twitter, allegedly directly from a Samsung representative
  • This would forestall the manufacturer Apple and Google, who are to present on September 12th and 13th

As you could read on Tech Markup a few weeks ago, the tech autumn is in full swing. At the beginning of September, rumors are growing that both Apple and Google will be able to present their new flagships close together. The new Pixel 6 will see the light of day on September 12th and the iPhone 13 on September 13th.


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Samsung is now apparently pushing ahead of both dates because there is a new rumor about the Galaxy S21 FE. According to a post on Twitter, the fan edition of the Galaxy S21 series will be presented on September 7th. As the user MauriQHD writes, this information comes from a source that has been proven right several times in the past. The new information about the release of the S21 FE wants to have learned this from a Samsung representative.

Galaxy S21 FE specs

The S21 FE would ride the third flagship wave that Samsung is responsible for in the paddling pool of smartphone releases in 2021. The other S21 models made the start, on August 11th the new foldable Z Flip 3 and Z Fold 3 and in September the S21 FE will appear. Samsung’s fan editions are mostly cheaper and slightly functionally restricted versions of the standard devices

Like the S20 FE and the Galaxy Tab S7 FE recently tested by Casi, the S21 FE offers a little less than its big brother. Compared to the S21, the FE should offer a 6.4-inch display that is slightly larger and the battery should also grow to 4,500 mAh. The camera array on the back should be very similar to that of the S21.

All rumors and leaks about Galaxy S21 FE launch can be found on our overview page for Samsung’s next smartphone. As soon as we are certain about the presentation date of the mobile phone, we will of course let you know in a separate news item.

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