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Galaxy A53 5G test: the anti-iPhone SE

Galaxy A53 5G test

Samsung Galaxy A53 test video

Big screen

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A past master in the art of manufacturing smartphone screens, Samsung makes it a point of honor to equip its models with the best technologies available at the best price. If the Korean tends to make the bottoms of drawers on certain aspects (we will come back to this), the screen is not the subject of any sacrifice.

Thus, that of the Galaxy A53 5G is based on a Super AMOLED type Infinity-O panel with Full HD+ definition and 120Hz refresh rate. In other words, the screen of the Galaxy A53 5G meets the technological standards of the premium segment.

If Samsung tends to saturate the colors a bit, the options available in One UI allow you to adjust the display settings to obtain an almost perfect image. The screen of the Galaxy A53, with a diagonal of 6.5” (6.3” by removing the rounded corners), will therefore appeal to lovers of films/series or games.

The 120 Hz frequency makes the experience much more fluid, in game on the one hand, but also on all the applications in which the user scrolls through content: social networks, web, etc.

In summary the screen of the Galaxy A53 5G is a marvel arguably the best in its class.

More powerful, more durable

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If there is one area in which Samsung is struggling, it is that of autonomy. This year again, the Galaxy S22s do not really shine their endurance. against all odds, the Galaxy A53 5G is poles apart from its brothers. With its 5000 mAh battery and the Exynos 1280 chip engraved in 5nm, it easily lasts a day and a half in intensive use and up to two days for more “standard” use (less photos, game, video).

This does not prevent him from issuing convincing performance for a smartphone of this range. Admittedly, Samsung’s in-house chip does not reach the phenomenal power of the A15 Bionic of the iPhone SE. But the A53 5G is powerful enough for all day-to-day use and more.

During our few days of testing, we had no difficulty playing the latest 3D games with a high graphics configuration. Samsung also offers in mode GameBooster allowing you to optimize the temperature, autonomy and performance but also to block notifications to stay focused on your games.

The Galaxy A53 5G also introduces shared memory on the Galaxy A series. The user can “take” 6-8 GB from their storage memory and “turn” it into RAM memory for more speed and better overall performance. The Galaxy A53 5G will therefore meet the needs of most users.

Where is the charger?

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Since consumers are unhappy with the removal of chargers from Galaxy S boxes, Samsung is also applying this rule to Galaxy A. Always hidden behind the ecological argument (and not at all economical), the Korean therefore does not provide a charging block with his Galaxy A53 5G, or even headphones for that matter since he now has the right to do so. If the approach had been purely ecological, Samsung could very well have lowered the price of its smartphone. What do you want, business is business.

If you are lucky enough to already have a charger, then you can charge your Galaxy A53 5G with a maximum power of 25 W. If Samsung sells it as fast charging, this is no longer really the case in 2022. More than 1h30 to recharge the 5000 mAh battery, this is not what we would call fast.

We can not even console ourselves with compatibility with wireless charging (even less reverse) yet inexpensive. Samsung is once again playing upmarket to push consumers to move towards the Galaxy S. This strategy was acceptable when the Galaxy A50 cost 300/350 euros, this is no longer the case when its price is around 500 euros . Pity.

Heading for the video

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A benchmark for photography in the high-end segment, Samsung took a few years to apply its formula to its more affordable models. But since the A50, everything is much better on this side.

The Galaxy A53 5G is therefore part of a certain continuity. Samsung does not revolutionize the genre but improves by small touches a recipe that works. This year, the A53 has an arsenal of four sensors to wipe out the competition.

No need to get carried away: among these four lenses, two are really interesting. Yes, Samsung also plays the game of the number of sensors as a marketing argument.

The Galaxy A53 5G therefore embarks a main sensor of 64 Mpxl with a wide-angle lens (f/1.8), a 12 Mpxl sensor with an ultra-wide-angle lens (f/2.2), a 5 Mpxls sensor for portraits and another 5 Mpxl for macro photography . As you will have understood, these last two do not add much to the experience.

At the front Samsung integrates an excellent 32 Mpxl sensor for selfies.

With all these sensors, the Galaxy A53 5G is necessarily versatile. But not only. Because the quality is also there.

In good light conditions, the shots are excellent. Of course, not everything is perfect: the cropping of portraits could be more precise, the ultra-wide-angle sometimes displays aggressive distortion, the homogeneity between the sensors is lacking in certain scenes, but overall the results turn out to be very convincing.

Mostly, the Galaxy A53 does quite well in low lightsomething quite rare in this price segment.

This year, Samsung has also decided to make Galaxy A users benefit from its know-how in video. The main sensor enjoying optical stabilization, the videos cross a new course. More stable, they are also of better quality and can reach 4K definition at 30 fps.

There are still a few things missing for the Galaxy A53 to be truly flawless. Rather than integrating two useless secondary sensors, Samsung could have invested in a telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom, for example. Are we asking too much? Without a doubt. Remember that the iPhone SE (2022) is sold more expensive and offers only one sensor…

The Galaxy A53 5G is, as its name suggests, 5G compatible. We will also highlight a WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

Samsung still relies on Android 12 and OneUI, its in-house overlay, here in a 4.1 version that’s still just as pleasant to use. Highly customizable, One UI has also been designed for one-handed use on large screens.

You will have noticed that we have not detailed our opinion on the design of the device. And for good reason, it is almost identical to that of the Galaxy A52 5G released last year.

It will therefore be recalled that the Galaxy A53 5G is made of a matte plastic that is both elegant and robust. Its lines are inspired by the Galaxy S range, so its neat finishes give it a high-end appearance.

Our opinion on the Galaxy A53 5G

Did you like the Galaxy A52? You will love the Galaxy A53. Without revolutionizing the genre, Samsung improves all aspects of its best-selling smartphone.

More efficient, more durable, better in photos and videos, the Galaxy A53 5G is also distinguished by its still attractive design and (especially) its magnificent screen.

It’s a pity that Samsung plays the stingy by no longer providing a charger in the box. If the ecological argument is acceptable, it would be more so if the price did not increase by 10 euros compared to last year.

In addition, Samsung no longer offers a more affordable 4G version. Too bad, because the call price of the Galaxy A53 is suddenly much higher.

Still, at 459 euros, this Galaxy A53 5G stands out as the new quality-price benchmark in the segment of smartphones under 500 euros. We can therefore only warmly recommend it.

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