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Galaxy A52 Security update: Samsung wants to give midranger more power

Galaxy A52 Security update

Samsung has secretly rolled out a Galaxy A52 Security update that could bring you a bit more performance. Because with the “RAM Plus” feature, you can release virtual memory for your mobile phone. This could increase the speed a little for applications such as multi-tasking.

  • October update for the Galaxy A52s contains security improvements as well as the function “RAM Plus”
  • Releases 4 gigabytes of internal memory as virtual memory
  • The function can double the RAM capacity for applications and games

RAM Plus was already included in the September update for the Galaxy A52 5G and is now also being rolled out for the LTE model. When the A52s version was launched in Brazil in September, Samsung said the feature “ensures excellent performance to keep up with everyday consumers”.


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According to SamMobile RAM Plus is enabled by default on the Galaxy A52 and cannot be disabled. A difference to the Galaxy A52s, on which it can be deactivated. This allows apps and games to use an additional 4 GB of RAM, which is then missing from the internal memory.

Samsung A52
The RAM Plus function is listed in the RAM information in the settings app / © Capture: SamMobile (Photo: NextPit)

How do you get the RAM Plus feature on your Galaxy A52

To check if the update is available for your phone, do the following:

  1. Open the app settings
  2. Navigate to the option Software update and then to Download and install
  3. To check if RAM Plus is enabled, go to settings > Device support > Storage.

Does virtual memory really improve performance?

Despite Samsung’s promise of more speed, reports SamMobile that it found no difference when used with the RAM Plus function. Sharing virtual storage is also standard practice on desktop operating systems.

RAM Plus may even have the greatest impact on multitasking: applications and games are seldom pushed out of the main memory and can remain open in the background in the virtual memory area. In this case, there would be a delay in moving data between virtual and physical RAM. At least Samsung could avoid having to open the application from scratch. All of this, of course, depends on the management chosen by Samsung.

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Other manufacturers offer similar functions, for example, the Chinese Vivo, Realme, OnePlus, and iQOO, with names like Dynamic, Extended, or Virtual RAM. Xiaomi also offers the function on some models in the Chinese market. Rumor has it that MIUI 13 will bring the virtual RAM option to the West as well.

What do you think of virtual RAM in Galaxy A52 Security update and do you have experience with such features? Let me know in the comments!


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