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Galaxy A13: Samsung’s best entry-level phone in 2022? | Analysis / Review

 Galaxy A13: Samsung's best entry-level phone in 2022?  |  Analysis / Review

The Galaxy A13 is another basic cell phone to arrive in Europe in recent months. It comes with a new, more powerful processor and higher resolution camera to deliver a better experience than the Galaxy A12, but without charging expensively for it. Is it worth it?

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The design has been updated and we now have something more modern and minimalist inspired by the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the cameras individually arranged on the back without a bounced block. The front part has not been altered and continues with a teardrop notch and a wide chin.

The LCD screen has a good level of brightness, but it lacks color calibration and continues with a panel of only 60 Hz. It’s a shame that Samsung hasn’t paid the same attention as it does in simpler models in the Galaxy M line with a 90 Hz screen. The sound could also be better and it distorts easily at maximum, plus it’s only mono.

We have the Exynos 850 combined with 4 GB of RAM and 4 GB of virtual memory for a good multitasking experience. Of course, the A13 is not a fast cell phone, but it far surpasses its predecessor. It even ventures into heavier games with medium graphics quality; the problem is that it ends up heating up in long gaming sessions.

The battery lasts a long time and is among the best we’ve tested for an entry-level device. The charger is the standard 15W present in a multitude of Samsung devices and takes more than two hours to fully charge the battery. It’s no use investing in a more powerful charger, as the USB port is 2.0 and limits the charge.

The 50 MP camera captures good photos for the category and the others in the set give good flexibility, although they don’t get excited about image quality. The camcorder records in Full HD with good sound capture, but lacks stabilization to deal with blur and focus isn’t always fast.

Is it worth buying the Galaxy A13? For the price you pay for it currently, it’s a good deal. You will only find much better options if you go for models imported via the marketplace. To know all the details, just check out the full analysis at the link below.

Samsung Galaxy A13 full review

The Galaxy A13 was launched in Europe in March 2022 by BRL 1,799 and is currently found on offers at much lower prices, as you can check:

The Samsung Galaxy A13 is available at Americanas for BRL 1,179. The cost-benefit is Good. There are 16 better models. To see the other 157 offers click here.

(updated July 7, 2022 at 8:18 am)
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