G-nusmas: Samsung names alien mascot for its advertising

G-nusmas: Samsung names alien mascot for its advertising

You may have noticed little blue aliens in Samsung advertisements. Well, if until the other day they were just nameless mascots so that the South Korean could give a playful tone to her releases, now the virtual pet has been baptized in official documents —”G-nusmas”.

Samsung filed a trademark application for that strangely pronounced name with the European Union Intellectual Property Office, the EUIPO, last month. And, before you ask yourself — and if you like anagrams, you must have noticed — the origin of this name is not some strange or invented linguistic root —it’s just “Samsung” in reverse.

Documents found include a 3D render of the mascot smiling at the camera, and it looks like a happy little alien creature. They have already been in evidence in advertisements for the Galaxy Unpacked or the Galaxy Z Flip 3 Bespoke Edition.

It’s worth noting that Samsung filed the trademark application under the “Goods and Services” category, meaning that name could relate to an upcoming Samsung service — or perhaps the face of future Bespoke Edition devices.

We’ll see what explanations Samsung will officially give to the mascot, but for now it’s up to us to imagine in what other ways it could be used by the South Korean manufacturer. Who knows, they won’t also appear in Unpacked 2022, along with the various options of the Galaxy Z Flip 4?