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From worms in the food to discussions: the most controversial moments that “The Academy” left before the grand finale

From worms in the food to discussions: the most controversial moments that
Both at the concerts and at the house there were quite controversial moments. (Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)

After almost three months on the air, this sunday august 14 the grand winner of the thirteenth generation of The academythe most famous singing reality show in Mexico. Cesia, Mar, Rubí, Nelson and Andrés will seek to fulfill their dream tonight and they will only achieve it with the support of their fans, who will be able to Vote for your favorite student through the official page of Aztec TV.

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Like all generations, this one gave a lot to talk about for issues unrelated to the concerts, from small animals that the academics found in their food to health problems and strong clashes between the panel of critics and the teachers. Here is a recount of the most controversial moments he left The Academy 20 years.

food full of worms

(YouTube Capture: The Academy)
(YouTube Capture: The Academy)

It was during the first weeks of reality when the students found some animals in their food. They were enjoying a salad and a dessert when someone inspected their tray and noticed there were worms. For this moment most had already finished eating and those who still had a bite were nauseated as soon as they found out.

After what happened, the production offered them an apology and informed them that the origin of the worms was the red fruit jam which was part of their dessert. They also assured that they took action on the matter so that this situation would not be repeated. As expected, social networks were flooded with memes critical of the conditions of the dinner that the students ate.

(Twitter capture: @ Elintenso6)
(Twitter capture: @ Elintenso6)

Santiago fainted in the middle of the concert

During a concert of The academy Santiago fainted due to a drop in his blood pressure after his show. Fortunately, the situation did not escalate, but the former student was harshly pointed out in networks because many considered that everything would have been part of a strategy to avoid criticism.

This was only the beginning of a series of health problems that the participants presented and that even took them to the hospital. After another concert, Eduardo had severe stomach painsAndrés, Nelson and Rubí followed, so the production made the decision to transfer them to a hospital to be diagnosed.

(Capture YouTube: The Academy, Falling in love)
(Capture YouTube: The Academy, Falling in love)

In the first instance Alexander Acha attacked Montserrat Barojas -reality nutritionist- because he considered that since his arrival the students had lower performance, something that stood out in his concerts. But, upon review, it was reported that a strong picture of gastroenteritis that caused dehydration and intestinal infection.

Rubí had a different diagnosis, His symptoms were derived from a contagion of COVID-19 which kept her out of the competition for a week.

Lolita Cortés exploded against Alexander Acha

(Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)
(Instagram photo: @laacademiatv)

The Iron Judge and the current director of The academy they have starred in endless encounters, but none like when they exploded after a presentation by Andrés. According to Lolita, the academic had severe breathing problems during his performance, as well as some unfortunate vocal arrangements he made during his number.

The decision Andrés made to take a break in the middle of a song to be able to hold the song is a completely correct decisionAcha said. “You are making it very clear to me that he is making his own decisions because his panel of teachers is not serving […] It is clear to me with this that we have a problem in the section of teachers”, answered Lolita.

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The musical theater star lamented that the director did not pay enough attention to the numbers of the students and also exploded against the teachers:

Moment you two I know that you raised very cocky, I am not speaking vocally, I do not know what is happening in the physical conditioning class, but at this point in the game it is very serious […] What a shame that your director is not aware of the rehearsals and has to ask your student how many times they rehearsed.

Arturo López Gavito kissed Ana Bárbara

(Twitter capture)
(Twitter capture)

Arturo López Gavito surprised locals and strangers when he unexpectedly asked Ana Bárbara for a kiss during a concert. The beloved producer launched the request for him after he grupera queen tried to help him in his criticism and she accepted saying: “Hey, here it is. We already made peace”.

And it is that the critics were reconciled after the differences they had for i looked it upsong that Gavito he offended his now partner by describing his song as “bodrio” during another generation of reality. After what happened, the interpreter of Loca stood on stage and said: “Although some judges think that we make songs that are a ‘bodrio’, although some consider that song to be crap”.

Hopefully they learn when they give a review to respect the work. It doesn’t matter if we don’t like it, we can’t offend. One thing is to criticize and another to offend, to say something with that authority that it gives, the power of that chair, can be very painful and you can hurt feelings.

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