From the creator of Final Fantasy, RPG Fantasian looks to be on its way to Steam

Since April 2021 an exclusive title from the Apple Arcade catalogue, RPG Fantasian seems to finally be on its way to PC. A recent change in the Steam database shows that the RPG already has a listing on the platform, indicating that an official announcement may not take long to happen.

The title arrived on iOS divided into two parts and was developed by the studio Mistwalker, founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi after he left Square Enix. One of those responsible for creating the Final Fantasy series, he acted as producer of the title, which tells the story of young Leo, who has to deal with his amnesia as he explores an alternate universe.

The game featured the participation of the composer Nobuo Uematsu, who also became famous for working on the main games of the Final Fantasy series. In February of this year, Sakaguchi had already expressed to the Japanese IGN the desire to bring Fantasian to the PC, as well as working on a possible sequel.

Fantasian stands out for its environments

Despite bringing a very familiar gameplay to RPG fans, Fantasian stood out for the way its scenarios were built. They are all dioramas built in the real world. that were digitized and adapted to interact with three-dimensional characters.

This resulted in a game with a unique visual style, which was enriched by techniques normally used in “tokusatsus”. Until now, there isn’t any more precise information about when the game might debut on PCbut its appearance on SteamDB shows that its period of exclusivity with Apple Arcade may be at an end.

In the platform’s database, the most recent movement related to the game took place this Wednesday (2). It already has information such as a cheader, an official logo, and an icon for the service’s librarybut it still features some visual elements that refer to Apple’s service – an indication that it will still undergo some changes before it can make its debut.

Source: VGC

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