Friends: actor says he didn’t feel anything at the end of the series; understand!

If you’re an assiduous fan of the series world, you’ve probably heard of friends🇧🇷 The NBC comedy series ran for 10 seasons (237 episodes), between 1994 and 2004, and became a television classic, conquering a huge fan base around the world, including Brazil.


Created by David Crane and Marata Kauffman, the series, however, wasn’t all about the good stuff. That, at least, for actor Matthew Perry, who played the fun and insecure Chandler Bing throughout the entire work.

According to BuzzFeed News, the actor’s experience with the series friends was not the same as his colleagues had. At the end of the recordings, Perry didn’t feel any kind of emotion.


Matthew Perry playing Chandler Bing on FriendsSource: NBC

“We did 237 episodes, including this last one, conveniently called ‘The Last Episode.’ Jennifer Aniston cried a lot – after a while, it struck me that she still had water in her body. Even Matt LeBlanc cried. But I didn’t. I felt nothing”, revealed the artist.


He even said that he didn’t know exactly the reason for the unexpected reaction. “I couldn’t tell if it was because of the opioids I was taking or if I was dead inside,” he added.

Matthew Perry and his history of troubles

Controversies are not exactly new for the actor from friends🇧🇷 During the filming of the series, the actor himself stated that he had drug problems and that it affected him a lot.

In 2013, to ABC News, he revealed that while filming the series, he struggled with depression, abuse of alcohol and other prescription substances. “Mostly, I was drinking a lot and using opioids. I think I hid it pretty well, but eventually people realize,” the actor said.


At the time, Perry came to be helped by his co-stars, especially by Aniston, who would have confronted him several times and offered to help.

melancholy end

In his memoir, Perry finally described his last moments in friends🇧🇷

He says that, after the final episode, he went for a walk with the rest of the cast. “We said goodbye, agreed to see each other again, as people do knowing it’s not true, and then I went to my car,” he concluded.

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