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Friday the 13th: check out the origin of the date and tips on what to watch

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Horror fans, behold: the first friday the 13th of 2023 is upon us. The date, much celebrated by horror cinema, is loved by some, but not very well seen by others, as it involves different superstitions, mysteries and elements. By the way, have you ever stopped to think about the origins of Friday the 13th or why it is associated with the dark?

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I confess that, even being a fan of horror productions, I had never stopped to investigate the subject and, in doing so, I discovered some very interesting things. Now, therefore, I will share with you, horror fans or onlookers, what I found and, in addition, I will give you some tips on film franchises that cannot be missing from your list of titles to watch.

Spoiler: the Friday the 13th franchise is in this column and it couldn’t be different, since it’s a classic in the horror genre.Source: Paramount

Friday the 13th: Origins and Theories

First, It must be made clear that Friday the 13th does not have a single origin., which constitutes a root and absolute truth about the date. On the contrary, the period gained its fame due to several different cases and elements throughout history.

The first theories regarding the combination would have emerged from specific religious episodes. In Norse mythology, for example, the number 13 was nicknamed the cursed one because of a dinner hosted by Odin, who would have invited 12 other gods to celebrate. However, Loki, son of the deity, was not called and, as a form of revenge, planned a mess that resulted in the death of one of the supreme beings.

Another version of the story, this one related to Christianity, refers to the last supper, in which Jesus Christ meets with his 12 apostles (adding 13 people in all). One of them, however, was Judas, the man who betrayed Jesus and handed him over to Pontius Pilate. Again, the number 13 appears here in a negative way, preceding something bad.

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Another theory surrounding the pessimistic aura of the number 13 is linked to numerology. This is because the numbering would be responsible for breaking the value 12, a number that is linked to several important patterns. There are 12 signs of the Zodiac, 12 apostles of Jesus, 12 gods of Olympus, among others. In this sense, the 13 would represent a significant break.

Friday, in addition to being the day of the week on which Jesus died, is linked to an idea cultivated in the Middle Ages that, always on Fridays, witches would gather at night to perform their rituals and spells.

Putting all this together, therefore, we have the dreaded Friday the 13th, which would carry with it all these symbols and stories.

Sam Raimi's Evil Dead horror franchise was one of those responsible for opening doors to other works of the genre.Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead horror franchise was one of those responsible for opening doors to other works of the genre.Source: Renaissance Pictures

Friday the 13th: Horror Franchisees to Enjoy

Whether or not you believe in the superstitions and tales surrounding Friday the 13th, one thing is certain: the date was widely embraced by western horror cinema and yielded great films that explore all its macabre atmosphere.

Let’s start, therefore, talking about the saga that got its name from the occasion: Friday the 13th, which brought the merciless killer Jason to the spotlight. In his hockey mask, the man (entity, demon or whatever he is) terrorized unsuspecting youths through 12 films filled with shocking deaths and violence. A delight for those who are fans of productions slasher and certainly a must watch for this Friday the 13th.

Before Friday the 13th, however, which had its first feature film released in 1980, the imagination of horror fans already had another saga in evidence. We’re talking about Halloween, 1978, directed by the iconic John Carpenter (The Enigma of Another World). Subsequently, the work that introduced the murderer Michael Myers to the world won 12 more films, totaling, guess what? Yeah, 13 movies.

At the same time, in 1981, who also appeared was Evil Dead (A Night Astonishment: The Death of the Demon), conducted by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell. The film was responsible for launching the famous story of young people who go to an abandoned cabin and are tormented by evil entities. Or are you going to say that you haven’t seen other movies with this same plot? So here’s the source. For now, the franchise has four films, however, the fifth project is almost there and will debut in 2023.

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Speaking of successful franchises to watch on Friday the 13th, it is almost mandatory to mention A Nightmare on Elm Street. Comprising 9 films, the work that brings the villain Freddy Krueger to life stirs the minds of fans with a narrative in which the killer’s targets cannot sleep, as it is during their dreams that he attacks. And I don’t know about you, but when I watched the first movie, the last thing I wanted to do was sleep.

Believe me, sleeping is not an option after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street.  Or do you want to find Freddy, huh?Believe me, sleeping is not an option after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street. Or do you want to find Freddy, huh?Source: New Line Cinema

These classic horror sagas are the sources from which many other current films draw. It would not be crazy to say that, without them, other successful franchises would not exist, such as Scream (which is heading for its sixth feature) and The Conjuring. The latter, by the way, became the most successful series in the history of the horror genre, raising an impressive US$ 2.1 billion at the box office (adding together all of its works, including Annabelle and The Nun).

And, of course, all the titles mentioned here are perfect to enjoy during Friday the 13th, as they unite everything that horror fans love most: hauntings, murderers, desperate young people, entities, blood, mysteries and so on. Oh, and just to remind you that in 2023 we will have two Friday the 13ths: one is today and the other in October, the month of Halloween. Coincidence? Well, you decide.

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