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Free tools to start a business

Free tools to start a business
Digital tools to undertake.  (photo: I am an Entrepreneur)
Digital tools to undertake. (photo: I am an Entrepreneur)

As an entrepreneur, you need to have certain Applications Or any software that can provide the user with certain functions to facilitate day to day. Today, There are several tools that will give many benefits.

In Twittera user made a publication in which listed some digital platforms Y social media so that anyone can Start your business and even grow it.

The following tools to undertake are in mostly free; however, many have paid plans to take advantage of additional features:


WordPress is a widely used CMS (content management system) for website creation. Millions of websites are based on a system powered by WordPress.

This is definitely a good option to create a website easily and it doesn’t require too much programming or design knowledge.

A ton of plugins and themes can be found in their library that will help customize many aspects of a website. Even better, WordPress is completely free.

(photo: WordPress)
(photo: WordPress)


Slack is a messaging app for work groups. It is based on channels and offers text and voice chats.

This platform is very useful, especially for organizations that work with multiple work groups. This allows each group to be in contact with its members, but simultaneously with the rest of the organization.

This app is really helpful for you the entire organization can communicate all the time. Without a doubt, it is a tool to take into account when starting a project.

(photo: Slack)
(photo: Slack)

Instagram and Facebook

Currently there are different social networks; however, to promote a business, it is necessary to establish which are the networks that respond to the objectives, brand strategy and the users you want to reach. This will allow you to concentrate efforts in the right places that will help achieve better results.

In addition to communicating products or services, social networks serve to build significant relationships with the public. The most convenient is maintain a constant interaction showing interest in responding to their opinions, suggestions or even complaints about the business. In this way, the relationship with users will be strengthened and their loyalty will be achieved.

One way to attract or attract attention on digital platforms is offer exclusive benefits to followers and customers. It is profitable to do offers or organize contests to increase engagement and even followers can become brand ambassadors.

Instagram and Facebook.  (photo: Andro4all)
Instagram and Facebook. (photo: Andro4all)


This platform of Google It is useful to publish different types of videos and thus reach a larger audience, as well as improve sales processes. For this, it is necessary to focus on create content that potential customers are already looking for, to solve your problems or needs. For example:

– Help videos: tips, tutorials, answers to frequently asked questions related to the business.

– Support videos: Teach how to get the most out of the product or service.

– Videos with testimonials: demonstrate how the service or product is already helping more people.

– Sales videos: show the advantages of the product or service, and invite the public to purchase it.

For an effective use of YouTube for companies, it is not enough to publish videos, it will also be necessary to promote them. Otherwise, people won’t know about the new content. For it:

– Share it on the social networks of the business.

– Go to the media influencers to share the video.

– Embed each new video on the website (could be WordPress) and notify e-newsletter subscribers of the update.

– Invest in YouTube ads (or Instagram and Facebook) to publicize the videos.

YouTube logo.  (photo: Alpha Coders)
YouTube logo. (photo: Alpha Coders)


What can Twitch be used for? How can this application be used in a company? There are many ways to do it:

– Announcements: these appear interspersed during the different broadcasts of the users, if you prefer to advertise in this way, it is undoubtedly one of the most comfortable and direct alternatives to reach the audience.

Twitch ads.  (photo: Movistar eSports - Diario As)
Twitch ads. (photo: Movistar eSports – Diario As)

– The interviews: without a doubt one of the most used ways to achieve traffic on Twitch and have more subscribers. And if any of the guests is a influencer, someone with a fairly large audience, you still have a better chance of reaching this goal quickly.

– Webinars: one of the best options on this platform. Create a broadcast on the same topic, reinforced with interviews, debates and where you can exchange opinions with Twitch users. Without a doubt, it is a good way to get followers and grow the channel.

Webinar on Twitch.  (photo: YouTube/Videoguys)
Webinar on Twitch. (photo: YouTube/Videoguys)

– Event organization. If you want to increase brand awareness, it is best to create an event through Twitch where content related to this business is offered. In this way, it will be possible to make the company known to the audience.

– Sponsorships. Another option that exists on this platform is to reach an agreement with the streamer or owner of the channel, to be able to promote themselves during their retransmission. Whether talking about the topic, adding a logo or giving away materials to this user that must be visible for the entire duration of their video.

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