Free games: Epic Games enables a new free download in March

Free games: Epic Games enables a new free download in March

For a limited time only! The Epic Games Store has a strategy to compete against PC giants like Steam: give away games for the entire community every week. At the end of March, the company has changed the rotation again.

From today, March 24, until 31, you will be able to download DEMON’S TILT, a chaotic pinball game that has multiple levels and mechanics that will captivate you. We share the official description.

DEMON’S TILT: “TURBO POWERED PINBALL IS BACK! This time with bigger sprites, more villains, more secrets and MORE BULLETS. Demon’s Tilt Pushes the Boundaries of the Pinball Video Game Genre with Shooters and Sword Fighting Elements”.

On March 31, the platform will enable another two free titles, which will be available until April 7. City of Brass: “cBecome a daring thief in City of Brass, a first-person action adventure from the master developers at BioShock. Armed with a highly useful scimitar and whip, you can slash and whip, lay bait and trap as you make your way into the heart of an opulent Arabian Nights-inspired city, or face certain death when time runs out.”.

Total War WARHAMMER: “the critically acclaimed Total War: WARHAMMER combines an empire-building turn-based campaign with colossal, explosive real-time battles in the incredible world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles”.

How to download free games from Epic Games?

You only need to download the virtual store in the following link. You must create an account and carry out the transactions, do not forget to add your credit card information.

To find the free games, you just need to go to the “Store” tab on the left side. At the bottom you will find a highlight of free titles.

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