Free Fire x Money Heist event: how to get the popular outfit from the series

Garena has made it possible for Free fire to make a collaborate with the hit series Money Heist. The “Plan Bermuda” event is valid for up to three days, so we will tell you what you should do to have the main outfit of the characters of the Spanish production. Here we have complete detail about the Free Fire x Money Heist event.

The “Bermuda Plan” is available in the Luck Royale section. The dynamic consists of getting a certain amount of Legend Tokens to unlock exclusive material related to the Paper house. In any case, if you don’t get the tokens in your roulette spins, users can win prizes such as weapon boxes, cosmetic outfits, and character fragment boxes.


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Free Fire Money Heist skinCheck all the material available in the Bermuda Plan (Free Fire)
The prizes won (excluding tokens) will be sent to the Royale backpack, not directly to the collection. You can select the prizes from the backpack to send to the collection or exchange three prizes for one more spin. When the season draws to a close, the prizes from the backpack will automatically be sent to the collection.

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Each spin costs 19 diamonds, while five spins cost 79 diamonds. The amount of tokens you need to win the maximum prize is divided as follows:

FREE FIRE | Casa de Papel Awards

  • 1 Legend Token – Grand Heist Skillet
  • 2 Legend Tokens – Money Rain Table
  • 3 Legend Tokens – Money Rain Emote
  • 4 Legend Tokens – Skin P90 Rain of Money
  • 5 Legend Tokens – Plan Bermuda Outfit

FREE FIRE | Free diamonds

There are three ways to get diamonds from Free fire for the month of September. The first is to download Google Opinion Rewards to complete short surveys and get Google Play credits, which you can then use to buy diamonds at Free fire.

The second way is by going to the GPT (Get-pay-to) websites and applications. Some of the most popular are Swagbucks, Prize Rebel, Easy Rewards, and Poll Pay. Users will need to perform various tasks like surveys and quizzes to receive gift cards. With these you can go to Free fire and buy the necessary diamonds.


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Finally, the players of Free fire can participate in raffles and custom rooms to get free diamonds. Various YouTube channels and Instagram pages host giveaways that give players the opportunity to earn diamonds at no cost. It’s just a matter of surfing the net.

What do you think about the Free Fire x Money Heist event ? Let us know in the comments.

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