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Free Fire: when and how to register on the OB33 patch advanced server

Free Fire B33 patch advanced server
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Regular updates have played a big role in keeping Free Fire fresh for its players over the years. Patches offer a lot of new content, so expectations are already high for OB33.

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Garena always activates an advanced server before each Free Fire update so that players can see and test the new features that the developers will introduce in the next patch.

With the OB33 update coming up soon, players searched for information on the advanced server and found all of this data.


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The expectation is that the Advanced Server will be ready for registration during the first week of March, with a likely launch date between March 2nd and March 10th.

However, people should know that the dates mentioned above are just speculation, and the developers are likely to reveal official news about it in the coming days.

Once registration begins, here are the general steps players will need to follow to register:

1) Visit the official website of the Free Fire advanced server . There will be two login options available; use any of them.

2) After that, a form will appear where users need to enter details like their name, phone number and email.

3) Finally they can send the form to complete their registration.

The registration process allows them to obtain the Activation Code, which is necessary to access the Advanced Server. There is no alternative method to obtain that respective code.

As the server has limited capacity, users are not guaranteed to receive the code and will have no choice but to wait for a response from the developers.

FREE FIRE | Weekly Agenda from February 23 to March 1

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  • Thursday, February 24 – Discount: Medal Package
  • Friday February 25 – Midnight Oni + Katana Recharge
  • Saturday February 26 – Luck Royale Discount + Pre Order Now
  • Monday February 28 – Diamond Royale + Royale Weapons + Star Recharge
  • Tuesday, March 1 – Elite Pass Launch


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