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Free Fire tricks to use the gloo walls to rush in March 2022

Free Fire tricks to use the gloo walls to rush in March 2022

While most players understand how to execute the strategy, there are some advanced tips that players can follow for better protection in free fire. These can be used in various situations and provide an advantage during ‘rush’ (aggressive play).

FREE FIRE | Gloo wall near a hard cover

Doing something like this allows the player to toggle between hard cover and the gloo wall, which will give them more shooting angles. Also, if the gloo wall is destroyed, players can simply switch and hide behind hard cover. This will drastically improve the odds of survival and make it more difficult for the enemy to secure a kill.

FREE FIRE | Gloo walls to hide position

When attacking an enemy during a run, it’s always a good idea to place the gloo wall as far away as possible. This will provide a certain radius of protection from enemy fire.

Also, with the wall placed in front of the enemy, they will lose line of sight. They won’t be able to detect them unless they somehow secure high ground.

FREE FIRE | Gloo wall to block enemies

The wall can be placed in such a way to corner the rivals. The objective is to block the enemy’s vision and then flank the gloo wall and shoot.

FREE FIRE | Double Gloo walls to block grenades

By placing two gloo walls close to each other, players can avoid taking area damage from grenades. However, a gloo wall can get lost in the process. If the enemy is using Alvaro’s ability, the second wall gloo can also take damage.

FREE FIRE | Gloo walls to prevent attacks from high ground

When running uphill, there is a high chance that the enemy will have better firing angles than the player. This will allow them to secure headshots with ease.

To avoid getting head injuries and losing a lot of HP, players can stack gloo walls for protection. Placing one on top of the other will nullify the enemy’s firing angles.

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