Free Fire: trick to get the Alpha Skeleton skin in the Battle Royale

Garena keeps updating the event “Booyah Day!” from Free fire, the Battle Royale, with new content. In addition to the character, named Lion, there are several cosmetic items that deserve a chance in your inventory to give your favorite character some color.

This time we talk about the Alpha Skeleton skin from Free fire. Luckily for the community, there are several alternatives to get the outfit and thus have a better look with each casualty in your games.


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You must first take into account that the aspect Alpha Skeleton skin comes exclusively for Leon, which you can add to your character inventory for free when you log in during Booyah! Day events. It should be noted that the skin has several presentations: red, purple, blue, and yellow.

If you are hell-bent on getting the outfit, you should go to the Booyah Tower through the Magic Roulette tab. You can get the skins together with the Fist of Bones or the Winged Bones backpack for a random cost of diamonds.

The recommendation is to buy the 5 spins package, which costs 75 diamonds. So you can maximize your chances until you hit the jackpot.

Another alternative is to resort to the online event called Booyah Day Challenge, where users can take home the legendary bundle Born of the Flame. To participate you must retweet the corresponding publication with the name of the ID, in this way you will have a chance to be one of the five winners.


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FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda

“Last week’s top 4 votes will be available TOMORROW! Includes the much-acclaimed Zombie Samurai! The King’s Tower comes with something unexpected! Is it the Old Man’s Beard? “, says the tweet of Free fire about the Weekly Agenda.

We share all the news from the Free Fire weekly agenda.

  • Wednesday, November 24: Thanksgiving
  • Thursday, November 25: Otho Discount
  • Friday, November 26: King’s Tower and Booyah Emote
  • Saturday, November 27: Incubator Discount
  • Sunday, November 28: Preorder del Pe.
  • Monday, November 29: Diamond Royale and Incubator Bonus
  • Tuesday, November 30: Gold Royale

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