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Free Fire tips to fight outside the safe zone

Free Fire fight outside the safe zone

Fight outside the safe zone is not a good idea in Free fire. However, sometimes, it becomes unavoidable. Players will have to adapt or face their demise by taking excessive damage.

Despite the dire situation, there are ways to survive. By prioritizing a few things, players will be able to take on both the storm and opponents. While success is not guaranteed, the odds are greatly increased.
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Secure your escape

When fighting an enemy outside of the safe zone, the most important thing to ensure is that you have the means to escape. Whether on foot or by vehicle, this option must be available at all costs.


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Being trapped by a firearm without being able to move is a death sentence. Players will be eliminated from taking storm damage or enemy bullets.

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Free Fire tips

Limit supplies

When you are locked in combat outside the safe zone in Free fire, supplies must be conserved. Using every last bullet and item of utility to ensure elimination will be a fool’s move. Players should use supplies sparingly.

If the enemy is entrenched or hiding behind a hard cover, it is best to avoid wasting bullets. Players are better off repositioning for better shooting angles or rotating into the safe zone.

Free Fire guns

Look for elevated terrain

When fighting opponents outside of the safe zone, gloo wall grenades should be conserved. Instead, players should try to find hard cover and high ground. This is useful for a number of reasons.

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For example, when entering the boundaries of the new safe zone, opponents may be camping in the area. Without gloo walls, players will not be able to move on. They will be immobilized and stuck outside the safe zone.

Also, it will be important to store gloo walls for the end zones.


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