Free Fire: Tips for Rank Up in the Clash Squad in January 2022

Free fire has two main modes: Battle Royale and Clash Squad. In Clash Squad games, two groups of four players do their best to defeat the other team.

There are seven rounds in a Clash Squad match and the first team to win four of them wins the match. Now that Ranked Season 25 has started in Free fire, players can climb the ranks by winning more Clash Squad games.

Good communication

Since communication is key, players must do their best to maintain good communication with their teammates throughout the match. It’s even better if the same team plays multiple Clash Squad matches than a team of players who don’t know each other.


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Character selection

Many active and passive characters in Free Fire help the user and their allies. Players must choose characters like Thiva, Dimitri, DJ Alok, Elite Andrew, etc., who are key assets in Clash Squad matches.

Always deployed

Players often make the mistake of staying too close to their teammates. This is a serious bug and can lead to multiple kills in one go, so players should always be deployed to make it difficult for enemies to track them all at once.

Variety of pets

Since Clash Squad games always consist of four players, each player must choose a different pet as a companion so that skills are not repeated. Pets with healing abilities and utility buffs should always encourage good combat.

Suitable weapons

Since the variety of fights in Clash Squad matches is not great, players should never choose long-range weapons like sniper rifles. Free Fire players should choose assault rifles and submachine guns if they want the best results.


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