Free Fire: the Best Sensitivity for Dimitri in the Battle Royale

Every major Garena update Free fire bring something new for fans. These additions can be a character, a pet, a game mode, a weapon, or any other element of the game. These additions are usually discussed before the update to create quite a stir amongst fans of Free fire.

Fans witnessed the arrival of the game’s last active skill character during the launch of OB29. The developers introduced Dimitri and Thiva after the partnership of Free fire with the Greek-Belgian duo DJ Duo and the DVLM brothers (Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike).


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FREE FIRE | Dimitri’s Ability

Being an active skill character, Dimitri prevails more in Free fire than most passive ability characters. Therefore, many beginners choose Healing Heartbeat as their main skill.

Dimitri’s ability creates a temporary zone 3.5 meters in diameter. The healing zone created provides HP recovery for players and allies at a rate of three points per second. If enemies have downed users or their teammates in the game, they can revive themselves using the healing zone.

It is evident from the skill description that Dimitri does not gain a movement speed boost nor is he suitable for attacking play strategy. Therefore, users do not need to make any different settings compared to the usual settings.

FREE FIRE | Sensitivity for Dimitri

The appropriate thing, then, would be to configure the skill as follows:

  • General: 96-100
  • Red dot: 90-94
  • 2x Range: 78-82
  • 4x range: 56-60
  • Sniper Range: 47-51
  • Free sight: 75-79


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The description of the ability makes it clear that Dimitri does not receive a movement speed increase and is not ideal for assaulting gaming strategy. As a result, users do not need to make any changes to their usual settings.

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