Free Fire settings for Android mobile to get more FPS

All Garena fans of Free Fire want a smoother gaming experience, which the title offers on most devices. The low-end system requirements are one of the reasons behind the game’s steady growth over the years. However, it has also come under fire for being unrealistic.

The mediocre graphics and bad physics of the game are some of the criticisms that Free Fire has received repeatedly. This valid criticism also led to the arrival of Free Fire MAX, which promised and delivered improved graphics quality and a better gaming experience, up to a point.


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However, players of the original game can make some adjustments to the Free Fire settings for more FPS and better graphics quality.

Players may encounter lag issues after activating the highest display settings. Therefore, they must ensure that the following steps have been taken to avoid excessive delay:

  • The Internet connection is stable and the device’s data saving mode is disabled.
  • There shouldn’t be any apps running in the background when players use Free fire.
  • The number of ROM problems should be below, that is, free up internal memory by uninstalling bloatware and unnecessary applications.

All this done, users should follow the Free Fire settings below to increase the FPS output in Garena Free fire:


  • Graphics – Ultra
  • Resolution – High
  • Shadow: on
  • Filter depends on personal preferences.

FPS – High

Mini map

  • Autoscale: on
  • Minimap – Depends on personal preference.

Users should remember that activating a higher screen and FPS settings can result in a drop in performance and rapid battery drain. Therefore, they should avoid applying this setting on low-end devices.


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Note. Players can use the game boosters or regularly to clear memory files on the device. This will clear the ram and speed up the Free Fire game.

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