Home Games Free Fire: recurring errors when falling into “hot zones” in March 2022

Free Fire: recurring errors when falling into “hot zones” in March 2022

Free Fire: recurring errors when falling into

On the other hand, these locations are tempting and allow players to improve their K/D ratio by ensuring kills. By understanding what common mistakes players make, they can be avoided in future matches.

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FREE FIRE | Recurring errors in the “hot zones”

Being picky with weapons

One of the most common mistakes players make free fire is to search for his favorite weapon. Since each weapon type works differently, players often prefer to stick with one.

However, in the process of searching for it, they tend to lose focus on what’s important and end up getting killed. Alternatively, they are unable to defend themselves and are killed in combat.

landing late

If the player or team cannot reach the drop zone in time, they must avoid landing in the area. Dying a few seconds after landing is not good for morale and can cause users to become enraged and leave the match.

Always in movement

Players frequently forget to move while trying to attack their opponents. This is a tactical error as enemies are smart and can anticipate attacks. During combat, the player will likely be flanked and shot from behind.

In most scenarios like this, with limited supplies and defensive capabilities, the player is easily eliminated. All of this can be avoided by simply moving in combat.

Loot without having a strategic location

Given the size of certain hot zones in Free Fire MAX, players must cover a large amount of ground to loot. Unfortunately, this can lead to some unforeseen consequences.

While looting, they tend to neglect to secure a defensive position in the area. When they are attacked, they cannot get back to safety and are trapped in the open. In most scenarios like this, the player is eliminated.

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