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Free Fire MAX: the best pets to have a tactical advantage in March 2022

Free Fire tactical advantage

Pets play a vital role in Free Fire MAX . His abilities provide a lot of strategic and combat support to players. In certain situations, these can be lifesavers.

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Depending on the style and mode of play, players must decide which pet suits them best in free fire. If combined with certain characters, their abilities can also be amplified, giving the user an advantage in combat.

FREE FIRE | Night Panther

Night Panther is the best pet for players looking for additional inventory space. His ability grants the user an additional 45 inventory slot to use during a match.

This extra space is useful when you want to stock up on supplies for the end game. It is also useful during squad matches as it allows the team to carry more supplies into battle.

Night Panther | Free Fire character

Night Panther | Free Fire character


Falco’s ability in Free Fire MAX is called Skyline Spree. He increases glide speed when parachuting and diving speed after he opens his parachute by 45% and 50%, respectively.

Although the ability does not have a post-landing utility phase, it can be used to gain an early advantage.

Falcon | Free Fire character
Falcon | Free Fire character

FREE FIRE | Rockies

Rockie has one of the most powerful and unique abilities in Free Fire MAX. She is called Stay Chill and helps reduce the cooldown of a character’s active skill by 15%.

This skill can be used by all characters with active skills in the game.

Rockies | Free Fire Pet

Rockies | Free Fire Pet

FREE FIRE | Agent Hop

Agent Hop is by far the best pet in Free Fire MAX for EP regeneration. His ability, Bouncing Bonus, rewards the player with 50 EP every time the safe zone shrinks.

Given the number of safe zones in each match, players can recover a large amount of EP in the game.

Agent-Hop | Free Fire Pet
Agent-Hop | Free Fire Pet

FREE FIRE | Mr Waggor

The pet can give players an almost unlimited amount of gloo walls. If the user has less than two gloo wall grenades, Mr. Waggor can produce one every 100 seconds.

This ability won’t be of much use during the early game, as gloo walls can be easily found. However, towards the end of the game, as the safe zone begins to shrink, the amount of loot available decreases.

Mr Waggor | Free Fire character

Mr Waggor | Free Fire character

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