Free Fire made these gameplay changes that may affect your performance

The new Free Fire patch is now available for all servers. Developer Garena has made several changes to the system, from new character stats to arsenal performance. One of those changes can also be seen in the gameplay.

The “Revolution” patch notes state that free fire has improved the experience of using the fix function. “Our ongoing efforts to refine the root of the pin feature hope that it will become an intricate part of your teamwork and make communication more efficient. The focus of the feature optimization in this patch is to improve its usability and visual aspects.

FREE FIRE | Changes in the Fix function

  • Pinned locations will be displayed on the minimap.
  • The pins can be used even when knocked down.
  • Increased the distance of the farthest object/player that can be locked on.
  • Long press on the loot list to pin an item.
  • The duration of a mark on an item is extended for the confirmed teammate.
  • Teammates will be marked in different colors on the minimap and team list.
  • When a quick message is sent, teammates will be notified by an icon in the team list.

Secondly, free fire made changes to visual alerts for shots. “Have you ever panicked when someone is shooting at you but you can’t see where the enemy is because your phone is on silent? The new visual gunshot alert will point you in the right direction so you can enjoy a full gaming experience even without sound.”

You can activate the shot alert in the settings menu so that the direction of an attacking enemy is displayed on the screen.

FREE FIRE | Other “Revolution” Patch Optimizations

  • The ease of use of the reporting system interface has been improved.
  • The function for obtaining Individual Clan Rewards has been updated.
  • The list of friend requests has been updated.
  • Updated notification for when a team is full.
  • Replay function is now supported in Bomb Squad mode and Lone Wolf mode.
  • The location of the “Settings” button can now be customized on the HUD.
  • Honor System now supports Bomb Squad-Ranked and Lone Wolf-Ranked.
  • Automatic “thank you” to players who help you.
  • Automatic “thank you” to players who fulfill their purchase request in the DE Store.
  • Automatic “thank you” to players who pinned an item you picked up.
  • Honor Score deductions will differ by rank.
  • Receive bonus DE-Ranked protection points if a teammate forces you out.
  • Updated the “Like” design in the game.

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