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Free Fire is offering the “FFWS Pride” outfit and so you can have it

Free Fire is offering the "FFWS Pride" outfit and so you can have it

More exclusive outfits in Free Fire. The FFWS Pride package is available on the platform and players have seven days to grab it. The “FFWS Pride” event will require the expenditure of diamonds, so you should be lucky and have some extra cash.

The most outstanding prize of the event is the FFWS Pride Pack. Please note that the cosmetic items you can get in this giveaway will not help you win matches, as they have no effect on attacks or combat items.

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According to the information available in Garena’s Battle Royale, participants will have to invest 9, 29, 49, 99, 199, 299, 399 and 499 diamonds per spin. It happens that with each spin, the price increases sharply.

Before turning, the player of free fire You will be able to remove two unwanted prizes (except the jackpot) to increase your chances of getting the reward you want.

You can check in this image what are the secondary prizes that you can get in the event.

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<News in Free Fire event

News in Free Fire event

FREE FIRE | Redemption codes from May 11 to 17, 2022

  • Wednesday May 11: honor roulette, reload shinobi.
  • Thursday May 12: Moony recharge.
  • Friday May 13: criminal tower, criminal recharge.
  • Saturday May 14th Lucky M1887 emote reload.
  • Monday May 16: Frantic Bunny Weapon Crate.
  • Tuesday May 17: tattoo recharge.

THE WEEKLY AGENDA IS HERE! He’s already escaped and will wreak havoc on Bermuda! Join him in the Killer Tower this Friday and get the Big Green Criminal with the Flaming Fist! Pair it with the Criminal Reload and the Emerald Power Backpack. Will you be part of the chaos?”, Garena details in the official announcement.

Listen to Dale Play on Spotify. Follow the program every Monday on our available audio platforms.

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