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Free Fire is giving away the Falco pet by following these simple steps

Free Fire Falco pet

Dont miss the chance! Free Firefree players can access the Falco pet and his exclusive Assassins Creed outfit for free. It is not necessary to spend real money on diamonds, but to play a few games and kill enough rivals for the exchange.

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Falco and the look Falco Seno are available at the event “The murderer” in frame of “The Creed for Fire”. To get the pet and pet food (x1) you just have to start a game and defeat a single enemy.

In case you want to advance to the outfit Falco Seno, you will need to scale in the following order. Please note that kills from the previous challenge do not carry over to the next one.

  • Pet food (x3) – Defeat 15 enemies
  • Pet food (x5) – Defeat 25 enemies
  • Falco Senu – Defeat 45 enemies

You have until March 12 to meet all these goals. At least taking Falco is a matter of a single game, so there’s no losing.

FREE FIRE | Falcon’s abilities

Falco has the ability “Fun on the horizon” and, at its most basic level, it increases the speed of falling before opening the parachute by 15% and the speed of falling after opening by 25%. At its maximum level, the increase is 45% and 50%, respectively.

Skill is key for aggressive players, because they buy time by collecting weapons and supplies before the other players arrive. Too bad Falco only has one use at the start of the game, so he has a very one-time buff.

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