Free Fire is giving away Hayato and so you can get it without spending diamonds

Hayato is one of the most recommended characters for any game mode in Free Fire . Garena, luckily, has launched an event so you can get this character for free and without the need to spend diamonds in the store.


The event “The 1A. Battle of free fire offers Yellow Alert tokens for the missions you complete daily. To more missions, more tokens and more chances to get Hayato for free in the exchange store.

Hayato has a value of 50 Yellow Alert tokens, being the most expensive in the exchange store. You can also invest five tokens for Hayato’s Rising Emblem, which can be redeemed up to five times. Before we go over the daily quests, let’s get to know the main skill of the character of free fire.

FREE FIRE | Hayato’s ability


Hayato is one of the most powerful characters when it comes to dealing armor penetration damage. His ability, Bushido, grants 10% armor penetration damage for every 7.5% decrease in total HP.

Free Fire elite characters
Free Fire elite characters

If done correctly, players can use the bonus damage to level up an entire group of opponents with ease while using a shotgun or even an SMG.

FREE FIRE | daily quests

  • Log in one day – 1 Yellow Alert Token
  • Play a game – 2 Yellow Alert Tokens
  • Move 2000 meters – 3 Yellow Alert Tokens
  • Defeat three enemies – 4 Yellow Alert Tokens
  • Booyah once – 5 Yellow Alert Tokens

You have until May 7 to get as many tokens as possible to reach the quota for Hayato. You are still on time and do not miss the opportunity, because it is one of the most recommended characters in Battle Royale games.

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