Free Fire: how to get skin AC80 – Prince of Light in Luck Royale

If your favorite weapon in Free fire It’s the AC80, you might be thinking of trying your luck at the Luck Royale. The AC80 – Prince of Light skin is available in “Weapons Royale” and here we tell you how you can add this upgrade to your inventory.

You only have three days, from today, to purchase the skin AC80 – Prince of Light, which offers a better range, an expanded magazine, and slower movement speed.

Players can try their luck at “Weapons Royale” in two ways: buying a spin with the Weapons Royale Tickets or buying 10 + 1 spins with 500 diamonds (the virtual currency that costs real money).

It should be noted that, in this dynamic, there is a function called Fire Luck. “The more you spin, the more likely you are to hit the jackpot. Once you get it, the Fire Luck will be reset. “, Garena specifies. Every three rounds, you are guaranteed to find 1 epic item. If you want to buy 10 rounds at a time, you will win an additional round.


Free Fire how to get the Princess of the Dune Pack in Luck Royale

There is also the chance to win additional rewards for weekly spins, which can be from one, five, and fifteen spins.

FREE FIRE | Weekly agenda from December 1 to 6

  • Wednesday, December 1: Launch of the Elite Pass.
  • Thursday, December 2: New Incubator – 50% discount – Evolution recharge.
  • Friday, December 3: Object of collaboration
  • Saturday, December 4: Discount on Royale Weapons – Spike Spike Returns – Special Bonus.
  • Monday, December 6: Collaboration Item – Sapphire Refill.


Beginners Guide: How to Push rank in Free Fire Without Camps

The Fury Tribe theme update provides additional weapon penetration, AC80 and all the necessary shops. The lack of accuracy is not very complicated, as the AC80 is already clear

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