Free Fire Gun Combos and OB30 Patch Cheats to Easily Rank Up

Do you normally use multiple weapons to fight in the arena of Free fire? Combining the right weapons makes all the difference in combat. Players often lose matches due to ineffective firearms or not having the right ones for the task.
While it can be confusing to choose from numerous weapons, some stand out from the crowd. Knowing how to pair these weapons for specific playstyles will allow users to maximize their proficiency in combat.

Free Fire Gun Combos for 1 vs. 4

AK + M1887

The AK assault rifle is one of a kind. It offers good statistics across the board in all categories. However, players must be able to control recoil to use it properly.


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Free Fire Gun Combos for rank push

Along with the AK, the M1887 is the perfect short-range weapon. It has high armor penetration, and when combined with Hayato Yagami’s Bushido, the weapon becomes unstoppable.


UMP offers high armor penetration, reload speed, and movement speed. It is perfect for close-range fighting or home combat. When paired with a Scar assault rifle, players can crouch down and fire at opponents that are far away.

Although these are not the best weapons in Free Fire, they are solid for 1v4 fights. It will give users flexibility and mobility when facing the enemy.

AWM + M14

The AWM and M14 are weapons that do a lot of damage. They both excel at long ranges, and in the hands of competent players, an enemy squad won’t know what hit them.

Mastering these weapons will require some time and effort. However, in the end, it will be worth it. Players can use Maro to improve combat efficiency and even customize their HUD to use the emote button as a crosshair.

SKS + Vector

SKS is a semi-automatic sniper that comes with a 4x scope. It is an excellent weapon for long-range combat and can also be used at a medium-range if necessary. What makes this weapon stand out is its high armor penetration.


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When combined with a Vector, users can deal with threats at any range. Despite the low damage, the high rate of fire will make opponents work fast in Free Fire.

P90 + MGL140

The P90 has a magazine size of 50, making it an ideal weapon for sustained combat in Free Fire. When rushing a house or forcing enemies into a corner, this weapon is the best option.

If used with the MGL140, opponents hiding behind gloo walls will not last long. In the hands of a seasoned gamer, these firearms are a deadly combination.

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