Free Fire Guide to Making One Tap Headshot in December 2021

In Garena Free fire, nothing beats the feeling of One Tap Headshot. They are one of the most effective ways to take down enemies, which is why players of all skill levels practice scoring more headshots.

Once trained, users can easily take down an armored opponent even with a Desert eagle, which gives them an advantage while fighting at close range with shotguns. However, it will take considerable time and effort to learn One Tap Headshot.

Exact technique

Free fire It has an aim assist function that helps players. As long as their crosshairs are close to the enemy, they will automatically be pulled into their torso, making it difficult for them to shoot headshots.

To perform the “touch”, it is essential to position the scope and drag it close to the head. The ideal position for the sight will vary depending on the distance of the enemy. If opponents are close, users should have their crosshairs slightly away from them and drag it towards the head.


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As long as it is in the mid-range, it is best to have the scope slightly close to the enemy, and only then should players drag it to the opponent’s head.

Correct sensitivity

Getting the sensitivity correct is critical for one-touch headshots in Garena Free Fire. First, users must ensure smooth gameplay by reducing graphics, if necessary. If there are lags or frame drops, taking a headshot will become problematic.

In addition to the graphical settings, gamers should ensure that the sensitivity settings are set to maximum. They can use the following settings:

  • Overall: 100
  • Red dot: 100
  • 2x Range: 80 – 90
  • 4x range: 75 – 85
  • Sniper Range: 50 – 70
  • Free view: 85 – 90

It may take some time for players to adjust to the increased general and red dot sensitivity, which will be beneficial in the long run. When it comes to custom HUDs, they can slightly increase the shutter button side. There should also be a good space around the fire button to drag it further.

A lot of practice

It will be difficult for players to execute one-hit headshots without regular practice. The best way to do it would be to head to the Batou mountain range. Users can practice hitting the dummy target first and gain a match-like experience upon entering the combat zone.


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Players can keep playing some unrated games to hone their skills. Over time, they will improve a lot at headshots.

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