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Free Fire: guide to change the color of the signature in the Battle Royale

Free Fire Change Signature color

In addition to nicknames, players can also customize their general player profile. free fire. The “signature” is one of the aspects that mobile gamers can configure to make their profile even more attractive.

A signature is a phrase or line that players can add to their profile. Appears below the battle style and social style of the players in the free fire. They have the unique option of changing the color using the hex code.

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Mobile players need to follow the steps below if they want to change their signature color in the Battle Royale game:

  • They must first go to their Profile section after opening free fire.
  • Then they need to tap on the yellow Edit icon.
  • Once the “Player Information” dialog appears, players should tap Signature and enter their preferred hexadecimal code (in brackets) before the text.
  • They will then tap OK to save the changes.


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FREE FIRE | Hexadecimal codes

As mentioned above, players can use hex codes to change the color of the signature and they must be enclosed in square brackets. Here are some of the popular hex codes used by mobile gamers of free fire.

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  • The hex code for the blank is FFFFFF
  • The hexadecimal code for silver is C0C0C0
  • The hex code for garnet is 800000
  • The hex code for blue is 0000FF
  • The hex code for purple is 800080
  • The hex code for green is 008000
  • The hex code for yellow is FFFF00
  • The hexadecimal code for fuchsia is FF00FF
  • The hex code for orange is FFA500
  • The hexadecimal code for turquoise is 00FFFF
  • The hex code for red is FF0000

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What do you think about the guide to change the color of the signature ? Let us know in the comments.

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