Free Fire Guide to Change Signature Text Color

Free fire offers various customization options to users that they can use to enhance the appearance of their profiles. One of them is “Signatures”, which can be personalized by including a line, a phrase or other own text. They usually appear below the battle style and social style every time someone visits your profile. We will guide you to Change Signature Text Color

Players can use hex codes to include colorful text in their signatures. However, many users are unaware of the procedure to follow to do this. Here is a guide to achieving it.Players must first start Free fire and then touch the banner in the upper left corner to get to your profile section. Afterward, users must click on the “Edit” icon, which is located at the top next to the logo Free fire.
Codes within the signature text in Free Fire

Codes within the signature text in Free Fire

The “Player Information” dialog box will appear. Subsequently, they must touch the “Signature” option. Their users can insert the hex code of the desired color before signing in to Free Fire. They can, for example, enter the code “FF0000” for the color red.


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Finally, they can use the OK button to confirm the Change Signature Text Color

FREE FIRE | Reload event

From November 29 to December 1, the players of Free fire who reload diamonds will have an Incubator Bonus. If the reload is a single diamond, the player can take a ruby ​​and a scroll of Weapons Electrical Catastrophes, a required material for this season’s Incubator sets.

If the player reloads 300 diamonds, the reward will be the previous prize plus another ruby ​​and two Incubator tickets. If the recharge is 500 diamonds, the player will take all of the above with an Evolutionary Stone, which can be obtained in the Luck Royale and is required in the Incubator, and three Incubator tickets.


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