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Free Fire: get the medals you are missing for the Elite Pass “Paper Cavalry”

Free Fire Paper Cavalry

Struggling to get all the prizes from the Free Fire Elite Pass ? Players are currently doing their best to collect medals before the next pass comes out. Luckily, Garena has launched a new event for you to buy the medals in time before February 28.

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In exchange for diamonds, the virtual currency of free fire which costs real money, players will be able to purchase multiple packs for only half price. There are three offers currently available in the Garena store:

  • 50 medals at 750 diamonds (original price of 1500 diamonds)
  • 20 medals at 300 diamonds (original price of 600 diamonds)
  • 10 medals at 150 diamonds (original price of 300 diamonds)

Remember that with this investment you can reach the total amount of 250 medals to win the maximum prize of the Elite Pass of free fire: the Elite Pass Exclusive Chest. Depending on how lucky you are, you can get a Magic Cube, Paper Knight and Lady – Indigo (Head), Flaming Hydra or the character Caroline.

More opportunities in the Battle Royale (Free Fire)

More opportunities in the Battle Royale (Free Fire)

FREE FIRE | Weekly Agenda from February 23 to March 1

  • Wednesday, February 23 – Lucky MP5
  • Thursday, February 24 – Discount: Medal Package
  • Friday February 25 – Midnight Oni + Katana Recharge
  • Saturday February 26 – Luck Royale Discount + Pre Order Now
  • Monday February 28 – Diamond Royale + Royale Weapons + Star Recharge
  • Tuesday, March 1 – Elite Pass Launch

The Elite Pass can be enabled with the purchase of diamonds. That is, it is not free and must be purchased again with each new pass that is released.

If you purchase an Elite Pass, it will only last for the period of that specific Pass. Once enabled, the player can start missions (Elite Challenges) to collect badges and claim Elite Pass rewards.

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