Free Fire: everything you need to know about the new Elite Pass “Planet Rogue”

The Elite Pass has always captivated players’ interest in cosmetics in Free fire. In essence, it features tons of cool items that users can earn by earning badges and progressing through the season.

Fortunately for players, the Elite Pass is introduced at the beginning of each month and brings with it a new collection of themed cosmetics. Usually, the items at stake easily outweigh the cost in terms of diamonds paid for the pass.


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 Everything you need to know about the Planet Rogue

As a result, season 44 of Free fire Elite Pass It is scheduled for January 1, 2022. The pass will begin as soon as the existing one comes to an end. The current theme of the Elite Pass is called “Palace of Poker”. The one that will arrive in early 2022 will be titled “Planet Rogue”.

Before launching the pass, players have the option to reserve the Elite package for 1,200 diamonds. The developers offer players an incentive like cosmetic material.

Players can open the Elite Pass section and click the icon next to the upgrade button to reserve the pass. This will cost them 999 diamonds and players will get a new sliding board. Plus, an additional 50 badges will be earned once the pass is released, and the pack will be unlocked. Celestial Cosmopuff.

The leaks of season 44 of Free fire Elite Pass already appeared a few days ago, and it is only a matter of days before users can take a look at the rewards. Players can get a glimpse of what this is about in this video.

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FREE FIRE | How to buy the Elite Pass

  • Select the “Fire Pass” chest from the main menu.
  • After watching a cinematic, the game will allow you to choose whether you want to choose to buy the Elite Pass or the Elite Package, the difference lies in the items that are explained there.
  • After you have purchased it, you will be able to see your journey of badges and what item you can get each time you unlock one.


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