Free Fire: everything you need to know about Kenta, the new character


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Free Fire: everything you need to know about Kenta, the new character

The developer Garena is preparing a new update on Free Fire , so we will soon see more news related to the collaboration of BTS, as well as a new character. We tell you who Kenta is so you can enjoy your future games in the coming weeks.

Kenta is a character that is part of the history of free fire and is introduced as the best friend of Hayato, one of the classic Battle Royale characters. Kenta was the bodyguard of Hayato’s father, who was not there when Hayato was attacked along with his wife. The situation makes Kenta feel indebted to Hayato.

Something else we know about the character is that Kenta will have the special ability Samurai protection. Players will be able to create a frontal shield that decreases damage taken from other players’ shots for six seconds or until the player fires.

It should be noted that this information is shared by pages specialized in free firewhich remember that the ability could be modified by Garena prior to launch.

Kenta will arrive for the new version of free firewhich will be available on servers starting this Wednesday, although it is not certain that the new character will be activated on the same day.

FREE FIRE | Weekly Agenda from March 16 to 21

“We start with a Beach Party where you can get the most voted skins! Keep celebrating with St. Patrick’s Recharge and wear the Shamrock Hat. All this and many more surprises this week!”reads the tweet of free fire Latam.

  • Wednesday March 16 – Beach Party + Recharge Gloo
  • Thursday March 17 – Discount: Improved Armor
  • Friday March 18 – Cosmetic items “Shopping”
  • Saturday March 19 – Early Access: Shark Attack
  • Monday, March 21 – Backpack Recharge

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