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Free Fire: Elite Pass “Steampunk Tale” is now available and so you can get it

Free Fire Steampunk Tale

It’s time to enjoy the new Free Fire Elite Pass . “Steampunk Tale” is available on all servers. You have 31 days from today to add all the exclusive material to your inventory in the Battle Royale developed by Garena.

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As it happens every beginning of the month, the Elite Pass of free fire It has two modes. free-pass it is free for all users. Those who meet the objectives and add medals will be able to win various gifts until they climb to the top prize. Elite Pass, on the other hand, is paid and offers even more rewards for medals.

It also unlocks “elite challenges” for you to get more medals, as well as increases the daily Gold cap by 100 and offers an exclusive medal displayed in the nickname of elimination notifications. The price of the Elite Pass is 600 diamonds.

If you want to play it safe, you can bet on the Elite Package of free fire: Includes all the privileges of the Elite Pass plus 50 additional medals. You can also claim instant rewards like the Steampunk Rabbit Pack, Weapon Royale Tickets, the UMP skin – Neon Rabbit, among others. Its price is 1200 diamonds (42% discount – original price is 2100 diamonds).

FREE FIRE | How to buy the Elite Pass

If you purchase an Elite Pass, it will only last for the period of that specific Pass. Once enabled, the player can start missions (Elite Challenges) to collect badges and claim Elite Pass rewards.

  • Select the “Fire Pass” chest on the main screen.
  • After the cinematic, it will allow you to choose if you want to choose to buy the elite pass or the elite package, the difference lies in the items that are explained there.
  • After your purchase you will be able to see your route of badges and what item you can obtain with them.

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