Free Fire code to get free Winterland snowboard and Pink Devil box

While the players of Free fire are looking for free ways to purchase exclusive cosmetic rewards, two of the main ways that often come up are redemption codes and events. With the New Age Campaign underway, developers add events regularly, while also releasing redemption codes from time to time.

Redemption codes are special 12-character long codes that can be used on the rewards redemption site to obtain rewards. Unlike events that are open to everyone, these have particular usage restrictions and only run for a few hours.


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Redemption code: FF1164XNJZ2V

Reward: Winterland snowboard and a Pink Devil Weapon Loot Box

As most gamers know by now Free fire, redemption codes are unique to the region for which they were released. Similarly, the one provided above is intended for players on the Indonesian server.

As a result, anyone who tries to use the code on a different server will receive an error message. Users who do not know the exact system to redeem the code to get Winterland snowboard can follow the instructions explained below.

FREE FIRE | How to switch servers

As the offer is available only on the Indonesian server, players will need to make the switch by installing a VPN in order to change the IP location of the device. The risk is that you will not be able to return to your region.

There are several options on Google Play to modify the VPN, such as Turbo VPN, Hola Free VPN, among other services.


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In case of using Turbo VPN, download the application and then log in to click on “connect”. You can choose the geographical area or make the process automatic. Then there is no more, just start Free fire and start playing.

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