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Free apps: You can download paid apps for free from play store (for now)

download pro apps for free

Welcome to our selection of free weekend apps! Tech Markup has selected pro versions and paid applications as well as mobile games for you, which are free for a short time. This is made possible by discount campaigns that run for a short time in the Google Play Store and Apple’s AppStore. So don’t waste time, just scroll straight to get paid apps for free!

This weekend, too, we were able to find free apps for iOS and Android. As you, as regular Tech Markup readers know, we put together such discount campaigns for you twice a week. So the following is not about free apps like Facebook or WhatsApp, but about reduced Pro versions and actually paid mobile games that are currently free.

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To do this, of course, we don’t just look for free apps in the AppStore and the Google Play Store ourselves, but also compile the latest entries from the MyDealz deal community and from apps such as AppsFree. In the Tech Markup forum, you are cordially invited to exchange ideas about free apps outside of this article. To do this, simply control the following threads:


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Another tip: Do you find one of the following apps exciting, but currently can’t use it? Then download it to your cell phone for a few moments anyway. Because you can download it in the future because it is part of your purchased apps.

Download Pro apps for free for Android

These apps are currently free in the Play Store

  • Sketch Me! Per (€ 1.49): Only valid until Sunday – With Sketch Me! you get a photo app with which you can transform your own pictures into colored and pencil drawings
  • BlackCam Pro (€ 1.49): Only valid until Sunday – BlackCam Pro comes from the same developer as Sketch Me! and represents a comprehensive camera for black and white photography
  • Resize Me! Per (€ 1.49): Only valid until Sunday – the third photo app from the developer XnView is suitable for resizing or cropping images.
  • Gif Me! Per (€ 1.49): Only valid until Sunday – And the Pro version of the Gif Maker from XnView is currently free of charge. Overall, you get a real arsenal of photo apps for free this weekend.
  • SUI File Explorer PRO (1.99 €): A four-star rated file explorer. You can use it to search for files on your hard drive or, for example, conveniently install APKs.
  • Multiscreen calculator with voice input Pro (€ 3.89): Obviously you can get a really good calculator here. Looking at the screenshots, I wouldn’t have guessed that the app was rated 4.5 stars by almost 4,000 users.
  • CP Meeting Notes (€ 2.99): A mixture of a note-taking app and a voice recorder. So far only been rated by 35 votes, but maybe it will be very interesting for you!
  • One Swipe Notes (€ 0.69): Another note-taking app that lets you simply wipe out completed tasks. In my opinion, a good feeling when you have completed a task!
  • My UI 9 – Icon Pack (€ 0.59): An icon pack with which you can give your mobile phone a little MIUI feeling. Either something for Xiaomi fans or if you, like me, liked to drag the custom ROM onto your mobile phone!
  • Nougat Square – Icon Pack (€ 0.59): Another icon pack that packs the icon design of Android Nougat into boxes.

These mobile games are currently free in the PlayStore

  • True Skate (€ 2.09) It starts with a skateboarding game that fans of Tony Hawk’s iconic sports game series are sure to enjoy!
  • College Days – Summer Break (€ 0.99): Ends on Monday – You shouldn’t expect too much action in so-called graphic novels. The focus is on the plot and that revolves around College Days, who would have guessed a group of teenagers in college.
  • Peppa Pig: Peppa out of town (€ 3.49) Promotion period unknown – A mobile game for children in which your kids have to complete tasks with the popular cartoon pig Peppa Pig.
  • Coloring Book + (€ 6.99) A coloring game for adults that has been checked by the experts in the Google Play Store. The rating is 4 stars from almost 360 votes
  • Dead Bunker 2 HD (€ 0.59): An old friend in our free apps! The game Dead Bunker 2 is currently free in the HD version.
  • Construction Machines SIM (€ 0.99): Here’s a clone of the popular simulation games for Android. However, the rating of 3.7 stars from 52 votes is not very promising.

Download paid apps for free for your iPhone

These apps are currently free in the AppStore

  • Soundbox: Here you can download a soundboard where you can store your own audio files.
  • Instant Sketch Pro: The current number 19 of the most popular “photo and video” applications in the AppStore. Here you can turn photos into drawings.
  • PropFun Pro: With this photo app you can add funny masks to your own photos or edit them in other creative ways.
  • Scanner-Lens: Scanner-Lens is an alternative to the integrated document scanner from iOS. Further formats and functions are available to you here.
  • HDR portrait: Personally, I find the HDR look this app is trying to create disgusting. But maybe you like it if you look like a digital bogeyman!
  • Morning-Alarm with Music: What works natively on Android can also be installed on the iPhone with this app! Because Morning-Alarm with Music lets you select Spotify tracks as alarm clocks.
  • Seterra Geography: A map or geography app that was free last Tuesday! So if you missed the chance back then, come back here.
  • LocalCast for Chromecast: Streams media from your iOS device, Google Drive, NAS to Chromecast, AppleTV, or even your Smart TV.
  • Music player ▸ MP3 player: A music player that has a 5-star rating of 231 ratings in the AppStore. So, as music fans, should you download yourself, right?
  • MealBoard – Meal Planner: Planning your meal plan for the week should be healthier and cheaper. So get started with this app right away.
  • Wallpapers of Top TikTokers: TikTok stars are the new pop stars! Maybe you surprise yourself, your partner, or your child with a background of … okay, I just can’t take myself seriously! Background images from TikTokers, what else do I want to say?
  • SNMP and SSH terminal: Here you can get one of the most popular tools for developers in the AppStore.
  • Lilium Income: A financial tracker that you can even dictate income or expenses via Siri. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?


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These mobile games are currently free in the AppStore

  • Psycholonials: (Caution: in-app purchases!) This mobile game visually reminds me of the legendary Monkey Island. However, the twist is much more modern: It’s about two influencers and a daring social media project. If you buy the app, you have access to all chapters at no additional cost. And guess what: It’s a free game.
  • Z-Room: A shooter set in an apocalyptic zombie world. The 3D game offers three modes: AR, Stand, and Survival. A special highlight of this game: It is not only available for the iPhone, but also for the Apple Watch!
  • Card Thief: A great puzzle game that is also available for Android!
  • Tales of the Neon Sea: An investigation and puzzle game set in a cyberpunk thriller universe. The playful pixel graphics are special.
  • Tusker’s Number Adventure: A crazy mobile game that loves to simulate glitches and crashes. For some reason, it is constantly being warned that the game is NOT suitable for children. So another reason to try it out.


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And so we would once again have come to the end of our free games and apps for iOS and Android. Have you found an application that is no longer free and that there is no reference to in this article? Then let us know in the comments!

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