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Free apps for iOS & Android: Enjoy Pro versions for free

Premium apps for free

Several times a week we look at Tech Markup for free apps for iOS and Android. We are specifically looking for pro versions of apps that are available for free for a short period of time. This week we were able to find 33 free apps and free mobile games for you.

Our articles with free apps and mobile games for iOS and Android are popular in the Tech Markup community! That’s why we now update our lists every Tuesday and Saturday, while we pick up particularly good offers via news. Outside of our articles, you can exchange your own findings in the Tech Markup forum.

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tip: Have you found an interesting app that you currently cannot use? Then still briefly download it to your smartphone. Because that way you can download it again for free at a later point in time.


The 5 best Android and iOS apps of the week: rally and routine

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Free mobile games and apps for Android

Free Android apps

  • Correlate (€ 2.99): With this app, you can record your habits. Then you can make connections between habits and actions that you either want to repeat or avoid
  • SnagBricks (€ 4.59): For civil engineers, designers, and other professionals in the construction industry! This app helps you with the technical drawing and shows you projects in a preview
  • SUI File Explorer PRO (1.99 €): A four-star rated file manager. With this, you can manage files in the mobile phone memory or easily install APK files
  • Multiscreen calculator with voice input Pro (€ 3.89): Don’t be fooled by the ugly appearance: Here you can download a powerful calculator including practical voice input
  • CP session notes (€ 2.99) – ends on Thursday: a mixture of a note-taking app and a dictation machine. The app has only been rated by 35 people so far, but it’s still very interesting for free!


Free apps: You can download paid apps for free from play store (for now)

Free mobile games for Android

  • The Lone Hacker (€ 2.50): We already presented this mobile game to you in a separate news item.
  • Sudoku Pro (€ 2.40) – contains commercials and purchases: Challenge your mind with over 9,000 puzzles (yes, I only listed this game to link the meme)
  • Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition (€ 0.99): CAT SIMULATOR: If the internet is there to look at pictures of cats, then smartphones with their multiple CPU and GPU cores are exactly there for this mobile game
  • Dead Bunker 2 HD (€ 0.59): An old friend from our free app list! The HD version of Dead Bunker 2 is currently free.

Free iOS Apps & Games

Free apps for iOS

  • It’s about time! (€ 0.99): A simple app that turns your smartphone or tablet into a desk clock;
  • Thankful (1.99 €): “Practice gratitude,” some relatives said to me at the time. This app helps you do just that on your iPhone, iPad, or even your Apple Watch
  • Imagine School Edition (€ 2.99): Conversion of bitmap images into vector images, e.g. B. to convert JPG photos into PDF or SVG files
  • SnakeSnap! (€ 0.99): This app promises to identify snakes with your phone’s camera. I think it’s better to run away and avoid problems – but in some situations, this app can sure come in handy
  • Soundbox (€ 0.99): A custom soundboard where you can save your own audio files
  • PropFun Pro (€ 0.99): With this app, you can add fun masks and filters to your own photos or edit them in other creative ways
  • Scanner Lens (€ 9.99): Scanner Lens is an alternative to the integrated document scanner from iOS. More formats and additional functions are available to you here
  • Morning ™ alarm clock for Spotify (4.99 €): You can use this feature natively on Android – but on iOS, you have to install this app to set Spotify songs.
  • Seterra geography (1.99 €): A map and geography app that was free last Tuesday! So if you missed the opportunity, come here again
  • LocalCast for Chromecast (€ 7.99): Stream music and videos to a Chromecast using this application
  • Music Player ▸ MP3 Player (1.99 €): A music player that received a 5-star rating from 231 reviews on the AppStore. So if you’re a music fan you should download it, right?
  • MealBoard – Meal Planner (€ 3.99): Planning meals for the week is usually healthier and cheaper. So why not start with this app?
  • Wallpapers of Top TikTokers (€ 8.99): The TikTok stars are the new pop stars! Surprise your partner or your child with a new wallpaper that … ok, I can’t take myself seriously now! Pictures from TikTokers, what else can I say?
  • SNMP and SSH terminal (4.99 €): Get one of the most popular tools in the AppStore for developers
  • Lilium for iOS (€ 0.99): A finance manager where you can enter your expenses or income via Siri.

Free games for iOS

  • Ice Cream Truck (€ 2.99): “We have cotton candy, frozen yogurt, and lots of ice creams!” Open your own ice cream truck!
  • Pila (€ 0.99): A minimalist puzzle in which you have to use the objects on the screen to guide a ball to the end of the map
  • Towage (€ 0.99): Protect the Temple of Towaga from the reign of darkness in this 2D game with beautiful hand-drawn graphics
  • The Firm (€ 0.99): A simulation game in which you have to build your own business
  • Psycholonials (€ 9.99): (Warning: in-app purchases!) This game reminds me a little of the legendary Monkey Island. The plot, however, is much more modern: It’s about two influencers and a daring social media project. If you buy the app, you get access to all chapters at no additional cost. And guess what: the basic game is free for a limited time
  • Z Room (€ 0.99): A shooter set in an apocalyptic zombie world. The 3D game offers three modes: AR, Standing, and Survival. A special highlight of this game: It is not only available for the iPhone, but also for the Apple Watch!
  • Card Thief (€ 2.99): A cool puzzle game also available for Android!
  • Stories from the Neon Sea (€ 2.99): A crime and puzzle game set in a cyberpunk thriller universe. The pixelated graphics exude a very special charm
  • Tusker’s Number Adventure (€ 2.99): A bizarre game that likes to simulate device failures and crashes. Even if it looks like it, the game is NOT suitable for children. Another reason to give it a try.

Found a game or application that is no longer free? Then please let us know in the comments. Because while you can usually see how long an app will be free on Android, this is not possible on iOS.


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