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Four electric motorized shoes to walk faster

Different devices have been created in the world that allow a more agile mobility.

Over the years, man has found different forms of mobility to optimize the traditional method of walking. Technology has recently found solutions through shoes with motors that increase speed and make transit easier.

From projects of already established technology brands, developments in universities to individual plans, there are several creations that have been made in recent years to improve mobility when walking.


This is the most recent of the examples. It is developed by a team of engineers who came out of Carnegie Mellon University and created the technology company Shift Robotics. Their project was taken to Kickstarter to receive a donation and make it a reality, for which they hope to raise 90,000 euros.

His shoes are very similar to skates, only the wheels are not linear, but on the sides making them more stable. In addition, they are added to each person’s tennis shoes and have sensors that monitor the way each person walks, to automatically adjust to the speed.

According to their creators, Moonwalkers They allow you to walk 250% faster than normal by reaching speeds of 11 km / h, exceeding the average of 4 to 6 km / h that people have. For this they have an electric motor, which has a battery that lasts about 9.5 kilometers.

Faster walking shoes powered by an electronic motor.

Ninebot Segway Drift

This product is owned by Xiaomi and its concept is very similar to those of skates. Here are two devices, both with a single wheel in the center and powered by electricity and the movement of the person’s feet.

Their autonomy is 80 minutes, they weigh 7kg and are designed to be carried in a suitcase, although at first they are not so easy to use.

Within their limitations is that they cannot overcome very high obstacles, because they do not have a strap to hold them to the foot. Although its price is not very high and is similar to what a pair of branded shoes can cost.

Xiaomi electronic shoes that are used to walk more easily on the street.

Jumbo Jetts

This device, created by razor, is very similar to the first in its design, because they are shoes that are put on top of the ones that each person wears. So they are comfortable to walk, as they do not have the risk of falling or overcoming obstacles.

Its operation is simple: the person moves his foot backwards and the motor makes contact with the tire to generate the movement. This is done with only one foot, since the other does not have a motor and it is only the tires to move. Their battery lasts just 30 minutes and they cost about 130 dollars.

Electronic shoes that adapt to the foot to move, although with a 30-minute battery.

independent project

Unlike the previous ones, the latter belongs to a YouTube channel called Vicesat, which is in charge of designing this type of experimental products such as skateboards, bicycles and others.

So they took some skates and adapted them to an aluminum chassis, ABS brakes, gyroscopes and motors, adding programming, to obtain a device that reached up to 80 km/h and four-wheel drive.

Although its result is not commercial, it is functional and provides the novelty of being handled with a control to increase speed and brake. Additionally, they are easy to put on and use, although they need to be complemented with helmets, knee and elbow pads as protection against the high speed they can reach.

Electronic shoes created by a fully functional YouTube channel, with brakes and a speed of 80 km/h

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