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Four dating apps that promise a stable friendship or relationship

Users sometimes have very particular tastes or contexts that make finding a partner more complicated. (Insider Latam)

Dating apps can be used by anyone with the intention of establishing a relationship, friendship or just having fun. However, well-known apps like Tinder or Bumble aren’t the only ones offering users a chance to share a moment with a new person.

Although these apps can connect users, sometimes they have very particular tastes or contexts that make finding a partner be more complicated. That is why there is another group of sites where these people can establish a relationship with others with similar tastes.

The following apps will help those who use them to more easily find a relationship.


Available for Android and iOS devices, this application created in Chile is aimed at a mature audience. Only users who are 50 years of age or older will be able to enter and create a profile.


“Let no one tell you that it’s too late to find love” is the phrase that reaffirms the objective of this dating app for mature people. The chances of connecting or matching a person who may be the ideal match are slim at that age, and TenLove aims to help users.

This app does not work differently than Tinder or other similar apps. If a profile is nice, you can ‘like’ it and if the other person does it too, a ‘match’ is generated. Only then is it possible for both users to have a conversation or go further if they wish.

Ferzu (Grokyo)

An application specifically aimed at users belonging to the furry fandom; that is, they like or are interested in content related to animals in human form.


Although Ferzu is the name of the application aimed at the furry community, it was grouped by an application called Grokio Communitieswhich unifies more users with specific tastes such as anathysmaphilia (people sexually attracted to others who are overweight), and people who like to dress up and behave like pets with their partners.

Like traditional dating apps, the ‘like’ and ‘match’ are necessary for the interaction of people within the app.


An exclusive application aimed at famous people or well-known, influencers, millionaires or within the entertainment world.

stripe app
stripe app

Those users who are not within a exclusive group of famous people or who do not have many followers on their social media accounts will find it very difficult to access or definitely not be able to enter the application.

Unlike Tinder, this application does not allow any user to create a profile, but access must be requested through a evaluation of the phone number, full name, profile of Instagramwork, place of birth, among other important data to make the decision to allow access or not.


This dating app puts a twist on the “shallowness” of others by ‘liking’ whoever seems more attractive or physically attractive. Sapio is aimed at people who go beyond the physical and seek a connection with people who are attracted to the minds and ideas of others.

Sapio dating app
Sapio dating app

Sapio will make users answer a series of 300 essay questions so that its algorithm can find the right person who fits the customs, ideas, knowledge and who also want a mental connection before a sexual one.


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