Forza Horizon 5 record: 15 million players in two months

Forza Horizon 5 record

Forza Horizon 5, released in November, got off to a great start, immediately gaining critical acclaim (we liked it so much too, as we explained in our review ) and the public: with the initial sprint it won the palm for best launch. ever for an Xbox Game Studios title, with over 4.5 million players.

Therefore, the conditions for continuing great were all there. And today, two months later , new estimates emerge that well describe how Forza Horizon 5 record has not slowed down and is still going very strong. The numbers do not come from a communication from Microsoft or PlayGround Games, but are deductible by paying attention to the data that the game provides internally.


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At present, in fact, the players registered in the Forza Horizon 5 database have passed the impressive threshold of 15 million. Surely the fact of being one of the many titles arriving on Microsoft platforms directly to the Game Pass from day one has paved the way to success. But even in terms of sales, the game is doing fine, and at the beginning of January it is still in the ranking of the 10 best-selling games on Steam.(precisely at the ninth position). And the result is still impressive when you consider that another great Xbox Game Studios exclusive, Sea of ​​Thieves, has taken two years and four months to cross the 15 million milestone since its launch in March 2018: a feat. which for Forza Horizon 5 took just sixty days.

However, Playground Games co-founder Gavin Raeburn just announced his departure from the Forza Horizon series creator. There has been no announcement regarding Raeburn’s current location. Trevor Williams, another co-founder, has instantly moved from General Manager to Studio Head.


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