Fortnite will keep the mode without constructions according to dataminers

Fortnite was characterized by mixing two very popular mechanics: the shots on a massive server and the constructions. Epic Games initially released Fortnite Save the World as a survival title, but they quickly realized that free-for-all battle royale was the key to success.

What caught the attention of the community is that the constructions were maintained. In the games, gamers can get materials by breaking the stage and create their own forts, with which they can protect themselves from projectiles.

With the arrival of chapter 3 of season 2, Epic Games made a drastic decision: to eliminate the constructions for a while. The success has been such that they would be planning the possibility of maintaining this game mode.

Dataminer Hypex explains that it would be added in the future as a game mode after the event ends. The symbol of this mode will be the same as the one on the loading screen according to leaks.

TweaBR goes a little further with its filtration. It details that it will have several configuration options where you can choose teams in duos, trios and squads. For now, Epic Games has not shared anything about it. Game mode would be disabled in just a few days.

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