Fortnite trick to reach level 200 quickly before the season ends

Fortnite trick to reach level 200 quickly before the season ends

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 will soon come to an end. So far, the season has been extremely interesting and engaging for the community, who have played as the Resistance fighting against Imagined Order forces on the island.

As the season Fortnite wraps up next week, some players are still struggling to level up to 200 to get all the extra Battle Pass rewards. For those who still have a long way to go, XP glitch maps come to the rescue.

the youtuber glitch king, also known as GKI, has created a new “XP Glitch” map in Fortnite Creative mode for loopers to jump into and gain massive amounts of experience from. The map code is 9025-5568-7074.

Loopers can enter this map after making sure the XP icon is displayed next to the map name and it is free for everyone. If the icon is missing, it means the map has been patched.

Players will start the map on a high platform. After going down, they must enter a room with a button to Secret Store XP. Once they interact with the button, they will be able to jump to an area that contains various tasks for players, the completion of which will reward them with bonus XP.

One of them involves players collecting around 500 crystals one by one. The process is a bit tedious at first, but the reward is up to 85,000 XP in three seconds. You can see the whole process in this video tutorial.

FORTNITE | Week 10 Challenges

  • Repair any Turret with the Repair Torch (0/300) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Set up a Tent at an Outpost of The Seven (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Use the Healing Mist while sliding (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Use a Mounted Turret to deal damage to opponents in vehicles (0/1,200) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Enter a vehicle within 10 seconds of landing (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Fly into the energy field of The Collider (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE
  • Gesture on top of an OI Outpost (0/1) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Deal damage to opponents with a Light Machine Gun (0/500) – Reward: 20,000 Season XP
  • Destroy OI barricades (0/10) – Reward: 20,000 Season PE

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