Fortnite releases a patch to modify Tornadoes and Lightning storms

The closing event of chapter 2 of Fortnite was already a bit strange with the island turning 180 degrees. But this was not the strangest thing that Epic Games planned for its Battle Royale.

Let’s remember that in the online event we managed to see the players facing the queen of the cube. After Dwayne Johnson guides gamers through a portal to leave the island, it can be seen in the distance that the map completely rotates to reveal the stage of chapter 3.

Well, on this occasion, the developer surprises us with weather, in the same style as Battlefield 2042. When you enter a game, you will see a tornado forming and an electrical storm beginning.


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Lightning is more harmful, yet it is still useful. Electric bolts can strike at any time, although they prefer bodies of water and higher land. If a player is struck by lightning, they will incur some damage but will also get a temporary speed increase. Lightning will also not strike the same spot twice, so good luck being zapped by a second speed-boosting bolt. If lightning strikes something combustible, it can potentially ignite a fire.

And it isn’t the only new means to start a fire introduced by this patch. The most recent Fortnite update also reinstates the game’s flare gun. The flare gun is discovered in chests, on the ground, and in supply drops.

Unfortunately, the update has not been what Epic Games expected. They have had to release an emergency patch to fix some bugs that the community has reported.

Changes to Tornadoes and Lightning

Now the probability of tornadoes appearing will be variable: from 80% to 100%. On the other hand, tornadoes will be able to appear in the first 6 zones, before it was only in five.

The waiting time for tornadoes was reduced to one minute, the same with thunderstorms.


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