Fortnite: they filter the new Spider-Man suit in the Battle Royale

Are you ready for the big party in Battle Royale Fortnite? Epic Games shut down the game’s servers just a few days ago to prepare for the all-important Season 3 Chapter 3 patch. At the closing event, we managed to see Darth Vader and other characters that joined the shooter in the last weeks, all of them are almost ready for the big party on the island.

This big update is called ‘Vibin’ or Vibras: “rJump into Reality Falls, ride creatures, take on the Screwballer roller coaster, and delight in a new arsenal. Dive into Season 3 and spread the good vibes!”, reads the description of the patch.

As expected, just days before the event, the leaks of the different characters are already beginning to arrive. One of those who returns is Spider-Man, but not the one from “No Way Home”, Marve’s tape, but he will have a renewed suit.

As explained by the dataminer @HYPEX in social networks, it is about Spider-Man Zero, who will have his Spider Drone on his back as a backpack. His suit has technological elements, it is no longer just a lycra, we can also see that his mask is somewhat different, since his eyes are much more slanted than usual.

Will this be the only character to receive a skin? Other cult characters like Kratos from God of War or Thanos, the villain from the Marvel movies, have already gone through the shooter. There could be a reissue of them with other outfits during this chapter.

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